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We are excited to announce that the Alchemy School has merged with The Dendera Institute for Human Development.

Practical Tools for Personal Mastery

In these times of great change we each feel called to contribute.

The secret is discovering that the keys to your potential lie within.

The Adventure begins with remembering the Truth
of who you are.

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Lunar messages are aligned with the energies of the Zodiac and Lunar cycle to help you navigate the unfolding rhythms of your life.

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“This program was just the foundation I needed to make big and positive changes in my life."

"Alchemy School has improved all of my relationships.”

“Life is so much easier now that I understand how to work with synchronicity.”

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Lunar Message
Elizabeth Schermer

Capricorn New Moon: Opening the Path to Our Fortunate Future

Happy New Year, and Happy New Moon! THE CAPRICORN NEW MOON OCCURRED ON SUNDAY, JAN. 2, AT 10:33 AM PST. Our New Year begins with a New Moon filled with optimism and hope for the future.  In the midst of a great cycle of change, we have come to a new point. The astrology of

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Lunar Message
Elizabeth Schermer

Gemini Full Moon: A New Power of Choice

Happy Full Moon! THE GEMINI FULL MOON OCCURS ON SATURDAY, MAY 18 AT 8:38 PM PST. Our Gemini Full Moon occurs at the end of a powerful eclipse cycle, enabling us to see what has previous been obscured from sight. The Full Moon is activating new qualities of perception, with the inspiration to express your

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Elizabeth Schermer

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Healing the Past

Happy New Moon! THE SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE OCCURS ON FRIDAY, DEC. 3 AT 11:43 PM PST. Our Sagittarius Solar eclipse represents a remarkable opportunity, both personally and globally, to transcend all perceptions of limitation that are held within the past.   This opportunity to heal our patterns of limitation goes beyond what we

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Elizabeth Schermer

Big News: The 2022 Lunar Journals are Here!

I’m thrilled to announce that the new Lunar Manifesting Journals are ready to ship.  The 2022 Lunar Journal gives you a strategic and time-tested method for success as you navigate your path forward in the coming year. The Journal begins with the Capricorn New Moon on January 2, so you’ll want to order right away

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Elizabeth Schermer

Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Rebirth is REAL

Happy Eclipse Season! THE TAURUS LUNAR ECLIPSE OCCURRED ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, AT 12:57 AM PST. It’s been a while since I’ve written a Lunar message, and I’m happy and inspired to be connecting with you today. We are in a huge time of change, and we’re each being called to dive deep in order

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Lunar Message
Elizabeth Schermer

Leo New Moon: Courage in Times of Change

Happy New Moon!
In the midst of times of change, the Leo New Moon brings a welcome opportunity to regroup and receive new infusions of vitality, creativity, courage and inner truth. The more you’re able to align within, the more you’ll be able to receive the energies of inspiration that are here to support your growth.

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You Are the Universe

You ARE the Universe! This is a year to connect with your true potential.​

Oracle Decks

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

Animal medicine is a great way to connect with Earth wisdom and tap into practical guidance for your day. This is one of our favorite decks. Thank you, Wild Unknown!

Energy Medicine

The Heart Breath

The “Heart Breath” is the most direct and clear technique you can use to move from stress to calm awareness. Learn the simple steps in this 3-minute meditation.​


Handbook for the Humanistic Astrology by Michael Meyer

Our favorite astrology resource is designed for all levels, from beginner to advanced.


Answers to your questions about Alchemy School

You’re a match for our programs if you’re curious about who you are and your life purpose, and if you’re eager to learn new ways to understand yourself and the world. Mystery School is all about uncovering the mystery within, and celebrating the adventure of the journey.
Mystery School is specifically designed for busy people with full lives. Our three monthly meetings (one weekend day and two evening circles) create a natural rhythm in your life, allowing you to practice and anchor what you’ve learned. There is also ample review built into the schedule in case you miss a session. Rather than being an additional commitment, the tools and practices you learn in Mystery School will create more space and flow in your life. The busier you are, the more this tends to be true.
Because true learning unfolds from within, the time span of nine months enables you to explore what you learn within the context of your daily life. You have the opportunity to integrate new ideas and new understandings within your unique circumstances, and then bring your questions and insights back to the group. The dialogue and creative support from the group is also a big part of how the learning happens.

This is a holistic program designed to support your life. The most significant homework is your life itself. Over the course of our nine months together you will learn many new tools and new perspectives with which to approach your life circumstances. Each month there are a variety of optional readings, videos and activities for those who are interested to explore more. This isn’t required. The most significant homework is your ability to be present to the mystery of your life itself, and willing to explore new ideas.

The term “Mystery School” comes from the ancient world in places such as Egypt where people gathered to study and learn about the Universe. It is said that Plato and Pythagoras were students in the Mystery Schools. Over time these wisdom teachings became hidden in order to preserve them and protect them from those who would use them to abuse power. In our lifetime the teachings have once again become available. The modern “Mystery School” is a place to explore the mysteries of our Universe in order to better understand the mysteries of who we are. The world needs what we have to offer

Join Us for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Do you wonder if the Alchemy School is for You? Please contact Elizabeth to learn more.

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