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Practical Tools for Personal Mastery

In these times of great change you hold the power to create the life of your dreams.

The keys to your inspiration and unique potential lie within.

The Adventure begins with experiencing the Truth
of who you are.

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Elizabeth Schermer is the founder and director of the Alchemy School and the Dendera Institute.


Elizabeth specializes in helping people connect with their spirit’s natural excitement for life so they can transcend unnecessary limits, connect with their joy, and experience their unlimited power to create.

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“This program was just what I needed to make big positive changes in my life."
"Alchemy School has improved all of my relationships.”
“Life is so much easier now that I understand how to work with synchronicity.”

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Featured Post
Elizabeth Schermer

Happy Equinox: The Power of Inner Balance

Happy Equinox! THE FALL EQUINOX OCCURRED ON FRIDAY, SEPT. 22ND AT 11:50 PM PT. This year’s Fall Equinox marks a powerful point of transition in the cycle of our year. As the energies of day and night come into equal balance with each other, we, too, have the opportunity to connect within to our own capacities

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Featured Post
Elizabeth Schermer

Remembering the Dance

Our current energies give us the opportunity to witness contrast and receive new insights through the activation of the polarity between Virgo and Pisces. These two powerful zodiac signs offer the opportunity to strengthen inner guidance and receive new vitality and focus through your spirit and the light you hold within. 

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Featured Post
Elizabeth Schermer

NEW Workshop! Spirit Medicine Master Class

I’m excited to announce the opening of the brand new Spirit Medicine Master Class. This new project has been in the works for some time.   As many of you know, I’m passionate about energy medicine. I love exploring all of the ways we can learn to use the power of our consciousness to create, expand

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Featured Post
Elizabeth Schermer

The Power of Positive Focus

Our current energies offer you the opportunity to harness the positive focus and inner strength you need to face any challenge in your life with optimism, inspiration and courage.

With the frequencies available to you today you have the opportunity to connect firmly to your inner strength and the healing power of nature to create what you envision from the wisdom of your heart.

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Elizabeth Schermer

New Choices, New Directions, New Creation

I hope that this message finds you well and thriving. I’m eager to share some favorite insights from the Sun’s movement through Gemini that can be helpful for the days ahead.

As we anticipate Wednesday’s Summer Solstice, and a powerful new activation of creative energy, we’re receiving new momentum,  new qualities of awareness, and new abilities to recognize the contrast between the energies of the light and the dark within our world.

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Featured Post
Elizabeth Schermer

The Lifting of the Veil

I’m inspired to connect with you during a potent time of illumination and revelation in our beautiful world.

The veil is lifting! We can feel it. Through the power of expanding frequencies we’re strengthening our multidimensional abilities, seeing through distortion and getting our memories back. The more we trust our hearts the more we access the direct knowledge of who we are, including the hidden history of our world.

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Tools & Resources

What We’re Reading

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

“The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz offers practical wisdom from the Toltec tradition to heal inner limits, return to balance and step into your natural frequencies of joy. 

Oracle Decks

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

Animal medicine decks are a great way to connect with Earth wisdom and inspiration for your day. The Wild Unknown “Animal Spirit” deck is one of our favorites. Thank you, Kim Krans!  

Energy Medicine

The Heart Breath

The “Heart Breath” is a direct and clear technique you can use to move to your heart center,  strengthen your connection to your Spirit, and quickly shift from stress to calm awareness. Learn the simple steps in this 3-minute meditation.​


Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins

Our favorite advanced tarot text is “Tarot of the Spirit” by Pamela Eakins, who beautifully expresses the positive wisdom teachings held within the cards. Use with any tarot deck to help you dialogue directly with your own Spirit and inner wisdom.


Answers to Your Questions about Alchemy School

You’re a match for our programs if you’re curious about who you are and eager to learn new ways to understand yourself and the world. Above all, Alchemy School is about revealing your inner light and expanding your sense of joy-filled purpose. 

Alchemy School is specifically designed for busy people with full lives. Our five retreats and bi-weekly evening circles create a natural rhythm in your life, allowing you to practice and embody what you’re learning. There is ample review built into the schedule in case you miss a session. Rather than being an additional commitment, the tools and practices you learn in Alchemy School will create more space and flow in your life. Participants with full lives attest to the way the program creates more joy, more flow and more ease.

Because true learning unfolds from within, the time span of nine months enables you to explore what you learn within the context of your daily life. You have the opportunity to integrate new ideas and new understandings within your unique circumstances. The ongoing group work is a place to bring your questions and insights. The dialogue and creative support from the group expands what everyone is creating. This is a big part of how the learning happens.

The most significant homework in this program is your willingness to show up each day to yourself and your ability to create the life you desire. Over the course of our nine months together you will learn to strengthen your connection to your Spirit, and transcend limiting beliefs about who you really are. You’ll also receive many new tools and new perspectives with which to approach your life circumstances. Each month there are a variety of optional readings, videos and activities for those who are interested to explore more. The study of materials isn’t required. The most significant homework is your ability to be present to the creation of your life itself, and your willingness to explore new ideas and new perspectives about the nature of reality.

The word “Alchemy” refers to the internal process of transforming consciousness. The Alchemy School is a place where you can gather with others to embody your inner realms so you can transcend limiting beliefs and better understand who you really are. As you connect more fully to your Spirit and inner light, you increase your abilities to navigate the complexities of this time. In this way you become the powerful creator you are designed to be.  The world needs what you have to offer. The future is now.

Join Us for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Do you wonder if the Alchemy School is for You? Please contact Elizabeth to learn more.

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