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The 2021 Lunar Manifesting Journal is Here

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2021 Lunar Journals are ready to ship.

Many of you have been eagerly waiting to order your new 2021 Journal. Nothing happens quickly this year (!), but everything is finally in place, the new journals are beautiful, and we’re excited now to send them to your homes.

You can order HERE.

Creative Support for Your Life

The 2021 Lunar Manifesting Journal is an invaluable tool of support, especially during these times of change.

The Journal is designed to build clarity, focus and momentum in your life, by connecting you directly with the power of the Lunar cycle.

Each phase of the Moon has a particular energy. When you understand the energy of each day, you have new insights and strategies for action.

The Journal also shows you how to use oracle cards to connect even more personally with each New Moon and each phase of the cycle.

The Journal covers a full year so you can track your goals and intentions as they unfold over time.

This year’s journals are being printed-to-order and shipped by Lulu Express Publishing.

Order your 2021 Lunar Manifesting Journal TODAY and launch your New Year with an infusion of clarity, abundance and real-life practical magic.

How the Journal Works

Align Your Life with the Moon’s Creative Power

  • At the New Moon, you’ll draw oracle cards to help you focus, set intentions and prepare for the month ahead.
  • You’ll tap into the unique zodiac energies of each New Moon and Full Moon.
  • Throughout the Lunar cycle you’ll align with each of the eight Lunar phases to make decisions and take actions.
  • Oracle spreads will help you connect with each of the eight lunar phases for practical guidance. (Spreads are included.)
  • As the weeks unfold you’ll experience the patterns and cycles in your life. Over time, more and more, you’ll be able to work in harmony with these powerful energies.

Inside the Journal You’ll Find

  • Lunar calendars for each month, including times and dates, with the meaning of the eight Lunar phases.
  • Clear information on the energies of each phase of the Lunar cycle, from week to week.
  • Oracle templates for your own readings, including an overview spread for each Lunar month, and individual spreads for each phase of the Lunar cycle.
  • Zodiac descriptions with tarot cards explaining each New Moon and Full Moon of the year.
  • A rich appendix with additional resources on astrology, Tree of Life, and tarot.

Strategic Guidance with Oracle Cards

  • At each New Moon, you’ll pull a New Moon spread for the coming month. Your monthly New Moon spread includes dates and times for each Lunar phase, so you can track your spread through time.
  • Every 3-4 days you will have the opportunity to pull another 1-3 cards for guidance during the current lunar phase. (Spreads included.)
  • Ample space is provided to record personal intentions and notes for each lunar phase.
  • The Journal uses examples from the Thoth tarot deck, however you can use any oracle deck you choose for your personal spreads.

Above all, this powerful tool will strengthen your intuition and inner guidance system so you can more intentionally connect to trust and confidence in each moment.

Order your Lunar Journal TODAY.

Let’s take the next steps together. It’s time to build on the past and together create the future we desire.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season and a coming year of abundant health and well-being.






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