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Virgo Full Moon: True Wealth

Happy Full Moon!

The Virgo Full Moon occurs on Tuesday, Feb. 19th, at 7:42 am PST.

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The astrology chart for our Full Moon holds a couple of unique patterns which are combining to create unusual possibilities for change.

One unique quality is the way that the energies for intensity and change are being ‘held’ within a signature of wealth and abundance and good fortune.

Outcomes of change can go either way, depending on clarity of action and intent. What’s important now is our choice to show up from the heart, and take action to bring these new potentials into order. Bringing things to order is one of Virgo’s superpowers, as are physical health, abundance, and service to the greater good.

This is a potent time. All signs point to a fresh start, an ability to create anew, to anchor new habits, new perspectives, and new avenues of support.  This Moon also emphasizes the need to release old patterns of victim thinking, habits of isolation, and fear of change, in order to experience new insights and understandings and the creation of larger possibilities.

The video message below holds more details. (You’ll see me get pretty emotional at one point – these energies are big…)

Happy Full Moon,


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Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon astrology article  has more on the specific astrological signatures and why this Virgo Moon is so potent.

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Virgo Full Moon: True Wealth

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