40 Day Prosperity Program

40 Day Prosperity Program

The 40-Day Prosperity Program

Are you ready to permanently shift your relationship with Abundance?

In the 40-Day Prosperity Program you'll do just that!

Get ready to receive the flow of Abundance that's always available.

Get ready to expand your life to new levels of Wealth, Health and Love.

  • Launch your Summer with inspiration, new-found strength of purpose, and flow.
  • Receive a daily infusion of support, including new experiences of optimism and abundant well-being.
  • Cultivate new habits of confidence, ease and trust that will serve you for the rest of your life.

The best news?

This program is creative and fun and fits easily into your daily life.

The Prosperity Program launches June 21st

The Cost is

ONLY $40

Join the Abundance Adventure!

Register NOW to reserve your spot.

A Time-Tested Practice

This program is based on Ten Prosperity Affirmations that were first published in “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price.


Each day you will reflect on one of the affirmations. 


To help you connect with the practice, you will receive a daily email message with a special focus that’s connected with the principle for the day.


You’ll also receive a distance group energy session that will support your momentum through the power of the group intention.

The Importance of Repetition

As we move through the 40 days of the program we’ll cycle through Ten Prosperity Affirmations four times, so that every ten days you’ll begin the cycle again.


The focused repetition of this practice, aligned through your thoughts, feelings and emotions, will enable you to refine and master these principles in your daily life. When thoughts, feelings, and actions are repeated over time they become habits.


Beliefs that are practiced over time become anchored within your subconscious programming. This is when your life begins to change in tangible ways. 


The format of the program is designed to cultivate and strengthen healthy beliefs about true Abundance so that these principles become a part of who you are.

Ongoing Points of Focus

As we move through the program, every ten days you’ll receive new touchstones for each of the Ten Prosperity Principles.

The new points of focus within each cycle will help you connect with these principles and apply them in new ways within your daily life.


Points of Focus for Each Cycle


    • Cycle ONE (Days 1-10): The Energies of Number
    • Cycle TWO (Days 11 – 20): Astrology
    • Cycle THREE (Days 21 – 30): Energy Medicine
    • Cycle FOUR (Days 31 – 40): Tarot

These additional themes and activities will add new perspective and understanding to the Ten Principles, so you can more fully explore and anchor these principles of abundance into your daily awareness.

Reasons for Success

The program is simple and strategic. The entire program only takes 10 to 15  minutes per day and can easily fit into your morning or evening routine. From the beginning you will find yourself looking forward to your daily abundance meditation.


  • It actively builds abundance beliefs into your daily life awareness. By meditating for a few minutes each day on these universal principles of creation you will bring them into conscious awareness. At the same time you’ll effortlessly release subconscious programming around all forms of limitation and lack, however they appear in your life.
  • It anchors healthy habits you will carry forward.  The daily habit of taking a few minutes every day to focus your intentions will stay with you into the future. By consistently committing to a set practice for a few minutes each day, you will be ready to continue the momentum after the 40 days conclude.
  • It harnesses the power of the group to amplify your personal experience. The importance of the group can’t be overstated! Intentional group work amplifies exponentially what is possible when we journey alone. By participating in a larger group, through each day’s energy session you’ll receive an infusion of vitality and momentum that will help you connect with the opportunities of daily life in a deeper way.

If you miss a day you’ll still receive the benefits of the work. (Past participants have confirmed this effect.) In this program you will be part of a focused group effort, and the daily energy session is designed to offer tangible support for all of the unfoldings of your daily life. Your intention to show up is what matters most.


How to

Get Started

  • When you register you will receive a complete packet that fully describes the 40-day program and everything you need to know.
  • The only additional material you’ll need is a journal or notebook to record your daily reflections.
  • Beginning Monday, June 21st you will set aside 10 minutes each day to meditate on one of the Ten Principles. (You’ll receive these principles in your program packet when you register and also daily via personal email.)
  • Each morning, June 2ist – July 30th, you’ll receive an email with the principle for the day, to help you tap into the natural energies of Abundance in your life.
  • You’ll also have the option of joining a private Facebook group in order to share your insights, questions, and synchronicities with other members of the program.



  • The Program Packet, received as a download when you register.
  • A personal welcome email with logistics and suggestions for success.
  • Daily prosperity messages, beginning June 21st.
  • Daily distance energy work to support your shifts and build momentum.
  • Additional bonus emails with oracle readings and intuitive guidance to support your practice.
  • Invitation to join a private Facebook group for the 40-Day Practice.

40-Day Prosperity Program

The Abundance Adventure starts June 21.

Cost is Only $40

What Participants Say

Wow! I’m absolutely loving the 40-day program.  From the very start on Day One, I already had BIG new creative opportunities show up. Now I’m looking forward to anchoring all of this as the days unfold. ~ Heather


This Abundance practice really WORKS. I received each daily message as a loving reminder to connect, over and over, with my own powers of choice and free will. Big shifts are happening, and every day I’m experiencing new power to claim my alignment and my birthright of true well being.  ~Jenna


I loved every aspect of the 40 Day Practice.  I really liked the way you reinforced the ten key principles with new tools, so that every day held some kind of new flare and fun throughout the journey. This took the program to a whole new level and helped me continue to carry it on in my own practice after the 40 days were complete. ~RhoDana


I enjoyed the Prosperity Practice so very much. I want to let you know how deeply impactful it was for me to make that small but important shift in consciousness each day. This process works. Thank you!!! ~ Hannah


I was thrilled to be part of the 40-Day Program with you and the group. What a powerful and enlightening practice! Over and over there were amazing synchronicities that related directly to the focus for the day. It’s hard to put into words all of the value that I have experienced. Thank you so much for creating this opportunity.  ~Sarah


Join Us!

40-Day Prosperity Program

The Abundance Adventure starts June 21.

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