Why I Love Mondays (Your Energy Update for the Week)

I happen to LOVE Mondays. For me every Monday is a treasure box, to be opened and revealed in degrees over the week to come.

For those of you who haven’t learned to love Mondays, I’m hoping that today’s message will give you a new perspective, especially by learning to tap into the secret ‘super-power’ that Monday holds.

If you happen to be reading these words later in the week, know that time is fluid. Connect with the message regardless of the day. You can also look forward to NEXT Monday, knowing that you have a new perspective for all of your Mondays ahead.

Monday’s Super Power – Freedom and Intuition

In astrology each day of the week is associated with a planet that gives a particular energy to the day. In this tradition Monday is ruled by the Moon (Monday = Moon Day), so connecting with the power of the Moon is an AMAZING way to start your week.

The Moon governs all the rhythms and processes of life on Earth, including your own personal rhythms and cycles of growth.  The Moon also rules intuition and your feeling nature, including the wisdom of your subconscious body.

In modern life Monday anchors the momentum for the week ahead. Because the underlying (Lunar) energy of Monday relies on your connection to inner guidance, setting aside a few minutes for personal practice on Monday morning can have an enormous impact on the week ahead.  If you take just ten minutes Monday to ground and center and set your personal intentions for the day and week to come, you can literally set a new trajectory for your week.

Mondays can easily go sideways. If you launch your week by stepping fill tilt into a prearranged schedule and set of commitments, you’re adapting your alignment to something external, anchored in past information. From here it’s harder to respond to your intuition and inner guidance.

Even if it’s a day and week about which you’re totally excited, you still need to connect to the current flow of the day, versus what was put in place in the past, including your preconceptions of what will happen.

Committing to a few minutes to ground and center within is even more important if you’re moving into a week in which you feel resistance, for example a schedule someone else has set, or commitments that you’re not looking forward to.

Freedom exists infinitely in every present moment.

What if Monday (Moon Day) is all about creating a week that’s infused with freedom and magic?

Regardless of the flexibility and freedom you currently experience within your ‘day job,’ or your commitments in the days that lie ahead, by grounding and setting intentions on Monday morning you can proactively set the energy and intention for your week, and experience unexpected magic within the hours and days that unfold.

Today’s Last Quarter Moon: Clear Sight Moving Forward

It’s also helpful each Monday to start your week within the energy of the current Lunar phase.

Earlier this morning we moved into Last Quarter Moon (5:39 am PT), launching the final week of the current Lunar Cycle. The theme of the Last Quarter Moon is “Assessment.”  This is a time to take clear action toward whatever matters most.

The energies of today are beautifully aligned to help you strategize a clear path forward. By clarifying and anchoring practical intentions for your new week you’ll also be anchoring momentum for all of the larger intentions in your life.

The current Libra lunar cycle holds inspiration to participate, to bring the best of who you are and to join with others to create something new and amazing. There’s also a connection to new intuitive abilities to discern inner and outer truth and respond to life from clear inner guidance.

Stake Your Claim

This week is a GREAT time to take strategic actions and make clear decisions toward what inspires you, especially those actions and decisions that deal with group relationships, social situations, and all forms of work projects and collaboration.

You can now effectively anchor momentum toward new reforms. It’s also a good time to release old habits and useless crystallizations, including those from your family of origin or social environment.

In short, you can move forward now in the present moment, building your own group of friends and co-workers for united action. This happens at all levels from big to small.

The week of Last Quarter Moon is a great time to review your personal intentions, especially since the Libra New Moon on Sept. 28th.

You can ask yourself:

  • What have I learned about myself, especially over the past three weeks?
  • What have I learned about inner balance (Libra/Adjustment)?
  • What have I learned about authentic participation? (Stepping into participation in your life from a place of personal authority and leadership rather than external expectations?)
  • What simple clear actions will anchor my momentum?
  • What simple clear actions will release obstacles?

Above all trust your inner visions of possibility, feel curiosity for what is yet unknown, and hold gratitude and appreciation for all that has led you here.

I’m sending intentions to each of you today for Freedom, health and abundant well being.

Much Love,


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