Gemini New Moon: The Power to Heal

Happy New Moon!
The Gemini New Moon occurs on Friday, May 22nd at 10:39 am, PT.

Our New Moon is bringing you inspiration and confidence, especially through your connection to health and well being, and hope for a bright future.

The energies of this New Moon can be a powerful antidote to fear, confusion and uncertainty.

The impulse coming to Earth with the Gemini Moon reminds you of the truth of the intelligence of Nature, and the well being and harmony that’s held within your body and the body of the Earth.

The more we can connect with the healing power and harmony that’s available within, the more we can contribute to healing for ourselves, each other and our world.

Gemini energy is inspired to learn and explore the world, to solve problems, and to expand all forms of relationships.

As you set your intentions for the coming month, know that you’ll have access to new insights, new perspectives and new understandings of the ways that we are all connected. New solutions can come from these realizations.

The following video message holds more details and practical suggestions for your path forward.

May the coming days hold health and abundant well being for us all.


New Moon Message May 22 – June 21

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