Who We Are

About Us

We are a community of creative leaders and seekers who are committed to exploring consciousness and human potential in order to understand our true purpose and contribute to healing for our world. 


We believe that each person holds infinite potential, and that the power to make real and lasting change in the world lies within each of us.


Our events and programs offer spiritual coaching and training based on the traditions of ancient wisdom teachings within a modern context.  Our holistic approach incorporates a wide range of disciplines including traditional alchemy, astrology, energy medicine, and modern transpersonal psychology.


Our emphasis on personal exploration within a focused and supportive small group setting enables lasting transformation to occur.

About The Dendera Institute

The Dendera Institute for Human Development is a registered non-profit educational foundation. 


In 2022 the Alchemy Mystery School merged with The Dendera Institute. Through our larger organization we look forward to expanding our programs and offerings in order to be of service to a wider audience throughout the world.


The Dendera Institute and Alchemy Mystery School is an independent organization. We are dedicated to service to humanity, for  us and the future generations to come.  


We are not affiliated with any other groups or organizations. There are no codes or creeds required for participation within our community. We honor personal freedom in our commitment to the evolution of truth, understanding and healing for our world. 

Our Director

Elizabeth Schermer is the founder and director of the Dendera Institute and the Alchemy Mystery School. 


She specializes in helping people connect with their highest potential and discover the truth of their own unique power and purpose in the world.


Elizabeth currently lives in Seattle, Washington. She oversees the Alchemy School programs and workshops, and also works with people one-on-one in private sessions. 

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