Advanced Tree of Life

Unlocking the Codes of Creation

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Keys to Your Highest and Best

In 2021 we explore the mysteries of the Universe and you learn to directly access the hidden keys to creation.

The Tree of Life is a multi-dimensional map of reality.

•  The Tree shows all of the processes of life through all dimensions and realms.
•  This includes YOU, both your inner and outer worlds.
•  Every experience in your life has a place of reference, with multiple access points and connections.

Our work together will reveal how to directly connect the macro with the micro, so you can harness the creative powers of the Universe in specific and concrete ways.

•  Create with intention.
•  Clear karma and limiting patterns.
•  Expand your vision of what is possible and open a clear path forward.

This program will support your life in every way.
2021 will be a game-changer. The time is now!

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Wisdom Teachings Come to Life

This program integrates principles and tools from all of the Western Mystery traditions. Each month you’ll learn specific keys to creation, using all of the following elements:

• Astrology
• Tarot
• Archangels and Guides
• Mantra & Words of Power
• Sacred Geometry & Number
• Energy Medicine, Ritual & Ceremony
• Physical Materials, including Crystals, Color, Animals, Plants, & Altars.

The wide variety of ways to explore the Tree ensures that you will find your own access points and paths of exploration.
That makes this work infinitely creative, effective, and FUN.

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Stepping into the Codes of Light

This is a uniquely personal journey.
Every part of our work together is individualized.

• Concrete touchstones help you apply what you learn directly to the circumstances of your daily life.
• Powerful daily practices strengthen your intuition, physical health and abundant well being.
• Codes on the Tree teach you how to turn challenge into opportunity, heal sabotaging patterns, and build momentum forward.
• As life unfolds, your circumstances and intentions will be directly supported by our group gatherings and one-on-one energy sessions.

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The world needs what you are here to offer.

Over the course of the year, you’ll integrate these wisdom teachings and practices into a strong foundation that you will use for the rest of your life.


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