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Aquarius New Moon: Facing the Future with Focus & Trust

Happy New Moon!


The Aquarius New Moon is always a special time of year.


It brings us a new connection to Aquarian consciousness, including personal freedom and inspiration. 


This new beginning is reflected in the fact that the Aquarian New Moon is also the Lunar New Year, celebrated by many millions of people throughout the world.


With the New Moon in Aquarius you can connect directly with the new energies of the Aquarian Age, including new revelations of possibility, and new insights into the truth of who you are and why you are here.


Aquarius Theme: Cultivating the Light Within

The Star card in tarot represents the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and your direct connection to the Light (consciousness) you hold within. 


This inner Light is the source of all creativity, all wisdom, and all true power.


This is a time to remember the truth of who you are, so you can live in freedom, health and joy, and share these blessings with others.


The spiritual practice of Aquarius is meditation, which simply means to move your awareness within and place your focus there.


Meditation can take many forms. What matters is your commitment to those practices that connect you to your inner light, and the still small voice of your true Self. 


The more you align to your own light the more support and nourishment you receive, and the more you have to offer. This is shown by the figure drawing down the Light from above and then offering it to the world.


The Importance of Focus

The Prince of Swords is the court card for Aquarius.


He is the warrior of the Mind, and represents your ability to harness the Aquarian energies of intuition, imagination and focus. 


His chariot moves into the future, pulled by three capricious creatures. They represent the challenge of harnessing our thoughts. Without focus, these creatures will run every which way, their reins hopelessly tangled and all progress coming to a halt. 


The recipe for success lies in inspiration and alignment through your heart, shown here in the emerald green and brilliant yellow colors of the card. 


This encouragement to cultivate a focused mind is echoed in the Six of Swords, Science, which is the minor arcana card for the New Moon.


The word ‘Science’ represents a new awareness of the natural patterns and harmonies of the cosmos, and new ability to align yourself within those rhythms and ordered laws.


The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 13º Aquarius is “A Barometer,” which directly expresses this ability to align to the future through the consciousness held within the present moment. (See more in the astrology article linked below.)


Uranus & the Power of Change

The Fool is the tarot card for Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is prominently figured in our New Moon chart.


The Uranian energy of revolutionary change is key to understanding the subconscious undercurrents that we’re experiencing in our psyches and in the world at large. 


When Uranus arrives it can feel like a lightning bolt, sometimes a flash of insight, sometimes a shock, sometimes a shattering of illusion, and always a strong undercurrent running beneath the surface of awareness. 


The Fool represents this principle of unlimited potential. He reminds us to face the unknown with open-hearted courage and trust (emerald green), embracing change and the creative power of new birth. 


The New Moon Spread

Knowing the extraordinary nature of this New Moon, I asked for and received some very practical advice for the days ahead.


The central card, 10 of Swords, is reversed in the position of Mind. This card represents the power of your mind, and your ability to transcend old perceptions and habits of thought.


The reversal indicates a new level of independence, with the ability to observe negative or fear-based patterns in the mind. Once aware, you can shift your focus within and look for a different perspective.


This card offers a strong message of the importance of recognizing the power of your thoughts, and your ability to choose.


Remember, meditation is the core practice associated with Aquarius. You have the ability now to recognize confusion, uncertainty and fear and shift into the quiet stillness of the Mind.


The Queen of Disks (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances affirms your ability to choose healthy thoughts and make healthy decisions for yourself and others.


The Queen rules Capricorn, which is prominently figured with Mars in our New Moon chart. You have the power this month to remain calm, aligned and grounded, and rise to the occasion in big and small ways. (See more about the Queen’s support for the future in last month’s Capricorn New Moon Message.)


The Prince of Swords (right) in the position of Spirit, affirms the new Aquarian powers of intuition and heart-centered focus. The Prince is future oriented. He is inspired to serve. His chariot moves forward, guided by his inspiration. You have direct access now, through your Higher Self, to clarity and confidence about next steps forward. 


In this position, you are also reminded to ask for help whenever you feel confused, frustrated, uncertain or afraid.


The Nine of Cups, Happiness (top center) is in the position of ‘Something else to consider,’ This card represents inner strength through a deep emotional fulfillment and alignment with your larger sense of purpose in life.


In astrology this card represents Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces also happens to be the central activator of our New Moon chart. In this case it indicates an expansive and inspired call to service for humanity.


We are each here for a purpose. The more we align to that purpose from our hearts, the more we experience authentic happiness and joy. 


Despite all of the challenges, this is an extraordinary time to be alive!


Poised for Greatness

The accelerated evolution of our world is often called the Great Awakening. The rate of expansion and change we experience is unprecedented.


What happens here matters, and has ripples throughout our galaxy and beyond. 


The Universe always gives us what we need. In times of intense change, such as now, you can ask for and receive new insight and guidance to support your next steps forward. 


This is a time to use your powers of will to focus on the future you want to create. Take your attention away from fear and negativity. Cultivate inner calm and your connection to the Light through your personal center. Trust in the unseen. The world is much more than we have ever known. 


It is a privilege to be here on Earth during this time. Treasure your connections and hold compassion for all.  Our brilliant future awaits.


Happy New Moon,



PS- To learn more about the Aquarius New Moon, see Steven Shroyer’s astrology article, A Call to the Service of Humanity.


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