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Aries Full Moon: The Power of Inner Peace

Happy Full Moon!


I’m truly inspired to connect today with a message of optimism and encouragement for us all.


While the external world continues to shift and change, we are each receiving a deepening ability to connect within, to our natural state of inner peace and calm.


Peace energy exists at the highest frequencies of consciousness, higher even than joy. It transcends all forms of fear and limitation. When we’re in peace we deeply experience calm clarity, bliss, and the truth that All is Well. 


The experience of peace and inner calm resides within the wisdom of your heart. When you feel it, it’s the clear assurance that you are on the right track.

Peace energy used to be the realm of those we know as our spiritual teachers, not easily accessible to ‘normal’ humans like you and me. While it’s not possible (yet!) for most of us to live in peace energy continually, we are developing the potential. 


We are each growing, day by day. Your expanding ability to experience deep inner calm and bliss – regardless of external circumstances – is another way to understand your growth on your personal path. 


This Full Moon can help you strengthen this ability to turn inward and place your focus within your heart, where you can find peace, inspiration and calm assurance that All is Well.

Aries-Libra Theme: The Power of Peace

The Aries Full Moon is activating a unique frequency that combines the polarities of Aries (Moon) and Libra (Sun) to give you new strength to actively choose  your own point of inner focus and balance.


The Emperor is the tarot card for Aries. The Emperor represents your courage and inspired will to choose your own unique path of expression in life. This Full Moon holds the power of action, specifically to move within. Its energy is future oriented, with wisdom that is both creative and pioneering. 


Adjustment is the tarot card for Libra. Adjustment represents your ability to come into dynamic relationship with all circumstances in your life, from a firm and flexible foundation of inner truth. Libra is associated with the power of expansion. Its energy is clear, balanced and inspired to create through collaboration beyond oneself.


The specific astrology of this Full Moon holds a unique power to bring your focus within, especially through the peace energy you find through the calm wisdom of your heart. By using your power of choice, you can access new qualities of inner calm, wisdom and peace.

The Full Moon Spread

Knowing the unusual and inspiring potentials of this Full Moon, I asked for a spread that would help us discern next steps for living in peace.


I was especially interested in practical ways to let go of old limiting habits of thought, so we can drop our focus from our minds to our hearts.


The Six of Disks, Success (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness, is an affirmation of blessing. This is a powerful manifesting card. In this position, it emphasizes the importance of placing your focus in your heart, with feelings of optimism and trust in the unseen. When we learn to live from this confidence, success is assured! 


The Fool (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances is another powerful affirmation of the reality of new creation and infinite potential. The Fool is the first card in the tarot deck, representing infinite potential and the fullness of all possibility. In this position you are encouraged to embrace a new ability to approach each moment with optimism and joy. This a courageous heart-centered joy, represented by the Fool’s strong body and his emerald green suit. 


The Two of Swords, Peace (right) in the position of Spirit affirms the theme of this Full Moon. This card teaches us of the power of peace as a spiritual truth. The blue lotus in the center of the card represents the mind that is balanced in Wisdom. The background colors remind us again of the importance of our intuition and imagination (yellow) being grounded in our heart (green).  


The Nine of Wands, Strength (top center) in the position of What Needs to be Integrated offers you encouragement. This card pictures your inner alignment of body, mind and spirit. You’re encouraged to commit to your tools in daily practice to strengthen your connection to your light and your personal energy field.


Overall, this spread affirms your ability to live in a new level of optimism and inner calm as you experience the joy of new creation, and you cultivate your practices of inner alignment and heart-centered peace.

The Future is Ours

The past is over. This statement holds a profound truth, and once embodied, this truth has the potential to totally transform your life.


We are powerful creators who are (literally) creating our reality, moment by moment. What we create is based on our frequency and our point of focus. When we learn to place our focus on inspiration and joy, we transcend the past and begin to create something new.


The more we learn to live in our hearts, the more we realize that the present moment is all there truly is. First this moment – and then this moment – and now this moment. 


Our world is rapidly changing. As the Fool of tarot reminds us, each moment is a new beginning with infinite potential and infinite possibility to create. We are transcending old structures, systems and beliefs that have held us in bondage for eons. The future is brilliant, filled with freedom and new creations beyond what we can even imagine.


The path forward belongs to us, the human family, and our ability to let go of the past and realize that we hold the power to create. Here are some touchstones that I find helpful in my own moment-to-moment practices.


  • Breathe. Be the Observer.
  • Drop your mind into your Heart. Place your awareness there.
  • Pay attention to your frequency. 
  • Choose your point of focus. If you need to shift, use your muscles of curiosity and appreciation.
  • Live in the joy of what inspires you. 


Remember: What you think and feel is what you create!


This Full Moon holds a new potential to help you connect within your heart where you will find your authentic connection to inner peace, wisdom and clarity.


May you experience the freedom of choice held within each moment of new potential. It’s time to let go of what has been and live in the inspiration of what is possible.


Much Love,



  • Full Moon Astrology. For more insights into this extraordinary Full Moon, see Steven Shroyer’s article. The Wisdom of Active Peace Energy: Aries Full Moon Astrology Report.
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