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The Season of New Creation

Happy Equinox!


The Spring equinox always represents an important time for rejuvenation and renewal.


The equinox occurs when the Sun moves into Aries. Aries is future-oriented. It’s filled with passion, vitality and the inspiration be be a true individual. At the equinox we each receive an infusion of this inspiration to emerge into newness, to explore what it means to be a true individual, to “be” and “become” our true self.


This year’s energy of renewal is extra-powerful. It occurs when we’re anticipating Pluto’s movement into Aquarius on March 23rd.


We find ourselves poised in an exciting moment of creation, both for ourselves and our world.

Aries Theme: Rebirth

The Emperor is the major arcana card for Aries.


This card represents what it means to emerge in the world as a true individual.


The symbols here all speak to qualities of personal power, arising from inner authority and the ability to be the true ‘sovereign’ of your own life.


The fiery red colors signify creative passion and vitality.


Like the Emperor, you can receive new activations now of courage and optimism, enabling you to burn through old fears and step into new frontiers of creation.


The Queen of Wands is the court card for Aries.


She represents the integration of new confidence and courage arising from within.


The Queen loves fully without fear. She respects what she has learned from the past but she is no longer bound by it. She is able to temper the intensity of these new energies through inner calm and wise understanding.


The Two of Wands, Dominion, represents the activation of pure creative power, and the ability to hold the vibrant intensity of new creation through inner balance.


Another word for this card is “Sovereignty”.

The Planetary Spread

Our New Moon spread is filled with practical messages to help you align with the intensity of these powerful times.


The Two of Wands, Dominion (lower center) in the position of Mind and Awareness affirms your ability now to receive these new creative energies for yourself.


The word ‘Dominion’ refers to your ability to find inner balance in order to experience these new activations of inner power. 


The astrology of this card is Mars in Aries. You hold within all the power that you need. YOU are the sovereign of your life.


The Prince of Swords (left) in Body and Circumstances encourages you to use these energies to move forward, following your heart and the visions that inspire you.


This is the court card for Aquarius, which affirms your entry now into new frequencies of awareness. Focus on the positive and move toward what inspires you.


The Five of Wands, Strife (right) in the position of Spirit affirms the intensity of this time of new creation.


Stress (strife) happens when we have trouble acclimating to change and the unexpected. The outstretched wings of Ma’at at the top of the card remind you of the need to return to balance and inner alignment when energies are strong.


In the position of Spirit, you’re reminded to move within and work with your inner Spirit when you need extra support. 


The Four of Wands, Completion (top center) in the position of What Needs to Be Integrated affirms the importance of inner alignment. The wheel represents a time of change and the name ‘Completion’ refers to the need to release attachment to securities and habits of the past, in order to come to alignment with the present potentials. 


The astrology of this card is Venus in Aries, reminding you to follow the wisdom of your heart as you move forward.


The Emperor appears as the final card of the spread, in the position of Something Else to Consider. This synchronicity affirms the significance of this time and encourages you to focus on the positive energies that are available to us now. 

The Birth of Optimism and New Creation

This Lunar cycle is an important time to experience new activations of creative potential, inspiration and optimism for the future.  


In order to stay balanced within the intensity of the new activations it’s crucial to remember that these energies are NEW. They are not yet formed. What matters is to receive and attune from within.


We are leaving the past behind. As new energies arise, they release what we’re no longer able to carry. Old habits, trigger responses, and energetic outbursts will inevitably arise. They are part of the territory.


The shadow of Aries is to go to fear in the face of what is new. As much as possible, do your best to observe without judgment or fear. Remain flexible. Don’t take things personally. Stay in your heart. Release the need to revisit and rehash the past. Let go of old stories.


The present moment holds miracles of new creation. We don’t know yet what will come to form. Be kind to the tenderness and vulnerability of what is emerging. Remember, creation arises from within.


This is a time to feel your power to choose to be your true Self.  Trust your access to the inner wisdom and the vitality that sustains you. Be gentle with feelings of uncertainty. Honor your tenderness and vulnerability.


Cultivate optimism and joy. The rebirth is real!


Happy New Moon,


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