New Moon Message: Cosmic Optimism and the Galactic Field

Happy New Moon!


This week’s Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse has brought another powerful activation of new frequencies that continue to attune us to higher and higher vibrations of light.


This is the second Aries New Moon of the year. The first occurred on March 21st at 1° Aries. Two days later Pluto entered Aquarius and fully activated the energies of the new Aquarian Age. 


Now, with our 2nd Aries New Moon at 30° Aries, we have the opportunity to move forward in life as empowered individuals, living from these new frequencies of inspiration, creativity and personal authority.

Aries Theme - Cosmic Optimism

The term “Cosmic Optimism” was the Sabian theme for last week’s conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter.

The actual archetype for the Sabian at 22° Aries is “The Gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.”

 These words beautifully express the feelings of abundance, joy and inspiration that we have access to now and moving forward. The gates to abundance are open to us all. Cosmic optimism is here to stay. 


Solar Eclipse - Accessing the Galactic Field

During a solar eclipse, the moon temporarily obscures the Sun’s light.
While the Sun is covered, what isn’t normally seen is revealed. 

For those who are now able to live in high frequencies, this particular eclipse is activating our connection to a larger field of awareness. This larger realm can be called the field of galactic, or universal, consciousness.

The ability to connect to the galactic field comes through our inner light, the “radiant darkness” of our true Self. This experience is one of the superpowers of Aries. When we live from our connection to our inner Light, the darkness holds no fear. 

This connection to enlightened consciousness is what we call “Ascension.” Here we have access to all knowledge, all understanding, and all creative power. In the words of Carl Jung, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

The experience of ascension occurs in the present moment and is available to us now as never before.

Pluto has opened the gates to the galaxy. Through Pluto’s activations, and the extra boost of the solar eclipse,  you have new access to your multidimensional abilities and a direct connection to the larger galactic field of awareness. 

The New Moon Spread: April 19 - May 19

As many of you know, I really LOVE pulling these potent planetary spreads every two weeks.


The cards always offer helpful perspective, practical suggestions for focus, and affirmation of the path forward.


This month’s New Moon spread is especially powerful, affirming as it does our access to new frequencies and new multidimensional abilities.


The Two of Cups, Love (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness signifies a new ability to experience the flow of Love as a sustaining power in your life.


The green field at the bottom of the card reminds you to ground your awareness in your heart, and then be open to receive the infinite flow of love coming directly from Source.  The lotus flower at the top of the card is your own crown chakra, reminding you that you have access to the power of Love in every moment.


The Five of Wands, Strive (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances signifies the ability to work with intensity and change in new inspired ways.
 “Strife” signifies all forms of stress, including frustration and anger.


The outstretched wings of Ma’at at the top of the card signal the way out, which is through inner balance and harmony, also shown by the strong vertical column of the central wand.


When we are balanced within, then we transcend stress and have access to new fields of inspiration and creativity, signified by the yellow background. In this way, the experience of “strife” turns to “liberation,” which is my new name for this card.


The Two of Disks, Change, (right) in the position of Spirit reflects a balanced, clear and calm approach to the evolving flow of life.


This emphasizes a new experience of the processes of change, away from stress and fear. You are connected now to the flow of life within and guided by your Spirit.


The Prince of Swords (top, center) in the position of What is Being Integrated affirms your new habits of heart-centered focus.


This is the personal card for Aquarius, signifying new intuitive abilities of expanded consciousness. It represents your ability to live from your heart (green) in order to focus your mind  and move forward guided by your intuitive connection to Source (yellow). 


The Four of Wands, Completion (horizontal, center)  in the position of Something Else to Consider represents integration of the past and the inspiration to move forward through the power of choice.


This card holds the energy of Venus in Aries (shown on the altar photo above). When we learn to live from the power of our heart, then we are able to create  in the present moment and move forward from the inspiration of our visions for the future.


The Four of Wands offers a final exclamation point on  the significance of this current cycle. The past is – truly! – over.


Go to Aquarian Age Tarot on to access the replay of my reading of this beautiful spread. 

Moving Forward - Living in the Light

The more we expand the more we experience the power of our own light.


The galactic field of universal consciousness lives within.


The veil is lifting. Fear no longer has hold in our world. We are seeing with new eyes what is being revealed all around us.


This is a time to exercise your power of choice. You hold within all you need to know. When the unexpected occurs, or something surprising is revealed, choose inner balance.


Be the observer. Return to neutrality and from there use your muscle of curiosity to see what you can learn. Curiosity will lead you back to optimism, and from there you’ll regain your natural connection to eagerness and joy.


Thank you for all of the light you are bringing to our world. This is an amazing time to be alive!


Much Love,



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