Aries New Moon: The Freedom to BE

Happy New Moon!


Each year, the Aries New Moon signals a time of new birth.


Aries represents the commitment to be true to yourself. Aries energy is infused with a pioneering spirit. It is eager to face change, filled with new momentum, and ready to step forward into the future with courage and inspiration.


This new beginning is part of ongoing cycles of time, and built on the foundation of the past. At this pivotal time we are bringing forward all that we are and all that we have learned in order to expand and participate in new creation.(See last month’s article: Pisces New Moon: A Turning Point for Humanity.)


The past is over. The future is ours. Hold curiosity and set the intention to receive new inspiration and courage to fuel your journey forward.

Aries Theme: Authentic Power

The Emperor in tarot represents the Aries New Moon. 


This card shows what it means to express authentic power, with qualities of courage and the freedom to fully express your true individuality.


The symbols here teach us about being a true individual through our connection to spiritual principles of cosmic order and truth. 


Aries’ intuition comes from inner alignment. The Emperor’s posture symbolizes the number ‘4’, representing grounding and alignment with the elements and the wisdom of Nature. 


In his right hand the Emperor holds a scepter, signifying his authority and ability to make good decisions. In his left hand he holds an orb with a cross, representing the Earth, and his willingness to be of service to the larger principles of life.


The lamb at his feet represents the future and the foundation of spiritual principles of life that guide him forward.


All of these qualities of courage and independence are yours now, in this potent time. 


What would it mean, today and moving forward, to fully experience your personal connection to the infinite power of the cosmos, and the freedom to express the truth of who you are?

The Radiance of the Fire Within

The Queen of Wands represents the qualities of personal empowerment that are available to each of us within the Aries New Moon. 


The Queen represents someone who has come fully into their own. She is infused with the fire of creative inspiration, wisdom, and authority. Her radiant crown symbolizes awakening and her connection to her higher Self.


The Queen’s animal companion is a leopard, symbolizing her deep connection to her creativity, fierce inner strength and emotional intelligence.


Her strong staff symbolizes her ability to make good decisions. The large pinecone at the top of the staff represents her activated 3rd eye. Her decisions come from her connection to inner guidance and higher wisdom.


What would it mean to own your own connection to radiant well being, freedom, courage and wisdom? These are qualities you can cultivate during this Lunar cycle.  

Facing Our Fears

There is an important teaching in the Queen of Wands card that is especially relevant to the creative possibilities of this New Moon.


In the story shown above, the Queen’s leopard was once a black panther. He provided safety and support as she traveled the darkness of the underworld and learned to face her fears. 


As the Queen found the courage to explore her fears, her fears transformed. As she healed and found her inner power she became radiant with the fiery light of her true spirit. 


In the process, her animal companion transformed as well, and the black leopard began to turn into a golden lion. At the last moment the Queen placed her hand on his head so that he would keep his spots. In this way the Queen and the cat will always remember where they came from. 

Transformational Healing

The Queen’s journey of healing is reflected in the Aries New Moon through a close conjunction with Chiron. Chiron is widely known as “The Wounded Healer”. It supports all types of personal healing by revealing the hidden areas of our life that are ripe for transformation. 


These hidden areas are also often called the shadow. The shadow represents the qualities of ourselves that are obstructed or blocked by different types of fear and unresolved trauma. The shadow also holds all of the gifts we have not yet realized. These gifts are held in the light that is hidden beneath our fear. 


To understand your own shadow pay attention to ongoing patterns, triggers and challenges in your life, whether physical. emotional, mental or spiritual. These patterns are expressing underlying wounds that are asking to be seen and transformed. 


Like the leopard’s black spots, the energies of this Lunar cycle can show us what is hidden beneath the shadows that we carry inside. Chiron in Aries is helping us face our fears so that, like the Queen of Wands, we can transform our fears and reveal our greatest gifts to the world.

The New Moon Spread

My question in pulling cards for this New Moon spread was, “How can we each connect with the potentials for personal freedom and transformation that are available with this New Moon?”


This spread emphatically affirms your opportunities at this time.


The spread shows that as you choose to show up (Prince of Wands) you will receive a new infusion of inner strength and the courage to face your fears (Lust).


In this way you will experience a new sense of harmony in your circumstances, and a new appreciation for the Beauty within all of life, both the shadows and the light (Ace of Cups). 


Through this process you’ll experience transformation and make a new connection to your fortunate path forward (The Chariot).


The key to success is to choose to commit to your Self, your practices of alignment, and your power of choice (2 of Wands Dominion).



The Prince of Wands in the position of Mind affirms your access to new qualities of confidence and inspired creativity.

You’re experiencing new forward momentum (the Prince on the chariot), fueled by a sense of freedom and connection to your inner guidance. 


This card appeared in the same position in our Virgo Full Moon spread two weeks ago, again affirming ongoing momentum of the cosmic cycles of harmony with which you can align.



Lust/Strength in the position of Spirit affirms your ability now to transcend all forms of fear and limitation that have previously held you back.


Beauty has claimed her inner fire (Lustre) and she and the lion, her creative power, have healed and turned to gold.


She lifts the flame of transformation through the shadows of the underworld, and the two together prepare to rise, fully present in all their glory.


This card also reflects the teachings of the Queen of Wands. The message here affirms that this is a time to claim your connection to your inner strength. Go within. There you will find the healing flame of transformation.



The Ace of Cups in the position of Body and Circumstances represents a gift of love and a new experience of infinite blessings and support.


This New Moon can bring new blessings to your life, especially through the awareness of your connection to the larger patterns of order and well being that exist all around you.


Remember in every moment that you can choose your point of focus. Use your courage and will (the Prince and Lust cards) to come present, release old stories, and look for the new opportunity held within every situation and event (Queen of Wands and Lust).  Here you will find the blessing.


There is enormous power in aligning yourself with the healing Love of the cosmos. The power to transform is available to you now.



The Chariot is in the position of outcome for this spread. This card affirms the opportunity for transformation and new momentum on your personal path.


You are the golden-clad warrior on the chariot, facing forward on your path (yellow brick road). Holding the wheel of fortune, you are fully safe, stable and secure. 


The radiant golden strength in the Lust card has now become the warrior’s golden armor. This represents a new sense of individual identity, filled with confidence and courage as you find new momentum toward your purpose.


The four creatures pulling the chariot represent your trust in your spiritual Guides and the wisdom of the Universe to lead you.



The Two of Wands, Dominion represents an important quality that needs to be integrated and developed at this time.


The word “Dominion” represents  personal sovereignty and alignment  through inner will and focus.


The two objects in the card are Tibetan dorjes. Imagine them spinning powerfully, in perfect balance. This represents your energy system, coming into alignment with infinite potential and cosmic order.


In astrology, the Two of Wands also represents Mars in Aries. This Aries card appearing in our spread is a powerful affirmation of the highest potentials of this time.


The Freedom to Be Your True Self

The New Moon is infused with new qualities of courage that will help you face whatever fears you carry, and strengthen your own connection to the natural order and infinite potential of the universe.


This is a chance for a fresh start.


  • What would it mean to claim your light?
  • To own your passion?
  • To be willing to be seen in all of your brilliance?
  • To go against the grain in favor of your inner voice?

For too long we have been trained to hide our light and to look to others for our authority. We have been held small through limiting beliefs and fear-based teachings that deny our true potential.


It’s time to choose your Self. There is support now to help you access the courage and inspiration you need to feel a new connection to your deepest wisdom, so you can align with what is highest and best for YOU. 


Fear only becomes debilitating when we give it our power. Aries’ pioneering spirit honors the messages within our fear and then moves beyond them. 


Hold curiosity in the days to come. Pay attention to what shows up. Fuel your creativity. Feed your inner fire. Honor your emotions and listen to the messages of your body. When fear, resistance or discomfort arise, ask to see the opportunity.


Above all, affirm your commitment to yourself and to well being for all, and you will find the courage you need to take your next steps forward in freedom and service to life. 


Happy New Moon!




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