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Becoming the Alchemist of Your Life – Join me LIVE at Noon!

I’m looking forward to today’s live stream message.


Pictured here are the inspiring tarot cards for Sagittarius. They offer strategic keys and insights into expanding your connections to your Spirit and your power to create.


Join me LIVE today at noon (PT) for the Sagittarius Full Moon message. (If you miss the live call, the replay will be available shortly thereafter.)


I’ll be talking today about the alchemy of consciousness, and the way that you can use these energies to transcend limitation and access new perceptions and knowledge. Our planetary spread offers specific tools and strategies for connecting with the high frequencies of creation that are available to you now. 


Here’s the link to participate: AquarianAgeTarot.Locals.com. Membership is FREE and gives you access to the bi-weekly calls and other resources.  

This truly is an incredible time to be alive. I look forward to connecting with you today and sharing new tools for the journey.



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