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Cancer Full Moon – The Spark of Life Within

Happy Full Moon!


I hope this message finds you well, feeling inspired for our future and eager for new opportunities in the year ahead.


Amidst the complexity and confusion of these times there is a strong stream of inspiration, vitality and support that is carrying us forward. 


The Full Moon in Cancer is giving you access to these underlying energies of life. especially through the power of your heart. The strength of your heart center is an essential key to staying stable and balanced, despite whatever challenges you may face, now and in the days ahead.

Cancer Theme: Finding Home Within

The Chariot is the tarot card for the Cancer Full Moon. This card beautifully expresses what it means to come home to yourself and find your calm center within the strength of your heart.


The figure on the chariot represents you as the Warrior of the Heart. The golden armor represents qualities of courage, sensitivity, emotional stability and healthy boundaries.


The Warrior (as you) sits still and centered, while holding the spinning Wheel of Fortune. 


This combination of stillness and change represents your awareness of unlimited potential, and your ability to find your calm center despite any turbulence or uncertainty. In this way you can allow your spiritual guidance to lead you forward.


In the midst of a world of change, with this Full Moon you can find illumination for the next steps on your golden path of purpose and good fortune.


The steps forward are yours alone. Your clarity will come through inner balance, with new depths of grounding and emotional security through your connection to your heart’s inner knowing.


When you fully commit to yourself, through the power of your heart,  you can move forward in life beyond all types of past limitation.


The more you practice connecting within, the more easily you’ll be able to feel and trust the wisdom of your inner knowing.  From your still, quiet center you have access to everything you need. 

Activating Your Inner Spark

The astrology of this Full Moon holds a unique frequency that can ignite your connection to your heart center and the vitality of Love that fuels your life.


The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon at 17° Cancer is “Multilevel Potentialities Unfold from an Original Spark.”


This ‘original spark’ is the spark of life that infuses the intelligence of Love into all of creation. This original spark of Prime Creation lives within you. It’s in every cell of your being. It’s this fire that gives you life. 


You can find the spark of life in the center of your heart. It’s sometimes called the Heart Flame. If you place your awareness within, and move deep into your heart, you can experience your inner flame. 


This is the flame that fuels your life and nourishes your spirit. It fills you with calm, clarity and peace. It’s also infused with inspiration, freedom and joy. The more you connect here, the more you can receive the support that is always present. 


To connect with your heart flame, use your imagination to move your awareness into your heart. Breathe a few times, imagining that it is your heart that is breathing you. Feel your awareness of your heart expand. With each breath you will experience more calm and ease. 


When you are ready, imagine a beautiful flame at the center of your heart. It may appear easily, or you may need to go deeper within. Know that your sacred flame is there.  Once you find it, you can feel the connection strengthen as you breathe. 


This is all you need to do.


Your heart flame is real. You can think of it as your inner Hearth, containing the spark of life that fuels you. (There is no accident that the root of ‘hearth’ and ‘heart’ are the same.)


Make time for this simple practice of your Heart Breath. Nourishing your heart flame and learning to live from this center of infinite wisdom and support can change your life.


This connection to the Heart is why the Charioteer (as you) travels on the yellow brick road. 


Cultivate the calm of inner peace and you have access to infinite inspiration and all of the vitality you need for the exhilarating adventures that lie ahead.


Much Love,



Updates & Events

*NEW* Aquarian Manifesting Workshop. I’m thrilled to be offering a brand new workshop later this month, offering leading-edge teachings and tools that will support your path forward. This new event just launched today. Registration and all of the details are HERE. I’m excited to see you there.

Personal Energy Sessions. Schedule a personal session and we’ll amplify your unique connection to vitality, clarity and inspiration for the journey forward. Ninety minute sessions include a bonus astrology reading, to add clarity to your personal “spark of life” connection. Dates are available now through Feb. 18.  Book HERE. 

In-Person Sessions. I have just opened two days for in-person sessions at the Seattle Sound Temple,  Wed. Jan. 25th and Thurs., Jan. 26th. Learn more about in person sessions and Book HERE.

Full Moon Astrology Article. For more insights into the Cancer Full Moon, see Steven Shroyer’s article: The Exhilarating Spark of Freedom: Full Moon Astrology Report, Jan. 6, 2023.

Lunar Journal Update. I’m super excited about the new offering for this year’s Lunar Journal. I’m still working on the final details, and hoping to launch sometime later next week. (To those of you who are eagerly waiting, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to the download for the coming month in plenty of time for the Jan. 21st New Moon.)

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