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Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: The Rise of Authentic Power

Happy Full Moon!

The Cancer Lunar Eclipse occurred on Friday, January 10th, at 11:21 am PT.

Wow. What a day. What a week. What a year.

In a lifetime of extraordinary change, this weekend marks yet another enormous threshold of growth.

Today’s Cancer Full Moon and Lunar eclipse coincides directly with the full activation of the momentous Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, which becomes exact on Sunday, Jan. 12th.

The energies of this event have been building in intensity and will continue to integrate in the year to come.

This Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn happens only once every several hundred years. Its purpose is to challenge ALL systems of power and authority in order to give us the opportunity for a complete recalibration that enables the evolution of authentic power in our world.

The evolution of authentic power is a transformation of consciousness that happens at the individual level. This positive change comes through each of us. As individuals we’re transcending old perceptions of limitation.

Together we’re creating new systems of authentic power that better support humanity. The change is real.

The Chariot is the tarot card for the Cancer Full Moon.

The Chariot represents fortunate change and your ability now to connect with new levels of empowerment, confidence, optimism and inner trust.

The warrior in golden armor represents you on your highest path of purpose, symbolized by the yellow brick road.

You are on the verge of new beginnings.
In the days to come you have the opportunity to:

  • Travel forward, fully grounded and secure.
  • Be fully at home in your body, navigating change from a calm place of inner balance and trust.
  • Take your life to the next level of abundant well-being and true success.
  • Have the freedom to fully contribute at your highest and best.

A Lunar eclipse opens possibilities for change that transcend normal ‘rules’ of time and space. The timing of this eclipse is creating an energetic marker to allow our world to more fully anchor and activate the opportunities for positive change that the Pluto/Saturn conjunction represents.

These opportunities are real. This shift is real. New levels of success, freedom and inner security are available to each of us now and in the days to come.

This coming year represents an enormous opportunity for personal growth.  The rise of individual authority and leadership will enable each of us to experience new confidence, clarity and vitality so that we can take life to the next level.

There is SO much support available to each of us right now.

Please watch the video message that follows for some great practical guidance as well as inspiring messages of encouragement from our non-physical Guides. They are rooting for you (for real!).

What matters most now and for the rest of this Lunar cycle is to find the point of personal calm and focus within that enables you to be present in the moment. Our tarot spread for the eclipse (in the following video message) is very specific in giving practical suggestions for navigating this transition period.

This is an extraordinary time. There is much cause for optimism. I wish you health and abundant well being now, and in the days and weeks ahead.

Thank you from my heart for being part of the journey.



PS – Scroll down for the video message. And please check out the following opportunities to help you connect with your highest potentials in 2020. I look forward to collaborating with you on the adventure.

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Lunar Eclipse Message: January 10th – 24th

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