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Cancer New Moon: A New Direction in Life

Happy New Moon!


Our Cancer New Moon is filled with inspiration and the promise of a new beginning. This is a time to commit fully to yourself and your personal path forward. 


Our New Moon astrology indicates an unusually focused infusion of power and potential. You have the ability now to change in healthy ways, and move beyond all types of limitations through a new connection to your emotional strength and courage.


Last week’s summer solstice at 1° Cancer activated this new beginning, with energies of vitality, spiritual commitment and renewal. This is a time to cultivate your allegiance to your true Self, using your will to align with the highest and best of what is possible.


The future is uncharted. We each have a unique role to play. The more you’re able to go deep and feel your connection to your spiritual guidance, the more you can be available to what the Universe holds in store.


Cancer Theme: New Directions Forward

The Chariot is the tarot card for Cancer.  The Chariot represents the courage to commit to yourself, so you can move forward in life beyond all types of past limitation.


The figure on the chariot represents you as a warrior of the heart. The golden armor represents new qualities of courage, sensitivity, emotional stability, expanded awareness, and healthy boundaries. You know who you are and you trust your inner guidance to lead you forward. 


The warrior sits still and centered on their chariot. They hold the spinning wheel of fortune. This combination of stillness and change represents your awareness of unlimited potential, and your ability to listen within and allow your spiritual guidance to lead you forward.


In the midst of a world of change and uncertainty, with this New Moon you can find the next steps on your golden path. The steps forward are yours alone. They will come through a strong sense of inner balance, with new depths of grounding and security through your emotional center and your inner sense of Home.


Cultivating Emotional Balance

The Queen of Cups and the Two of Cups (Love) are the other two Tarot cards for the Cancer New Moon.

The Queen of Cups represents a new quality of emotional coherence, clarity and balance. She sits completely calm and still. She receives the light from above, allows it to radiate through her being, and sees it clearly reflected in the still water below. 

The Queen teaches us to go deep into our feeling nature, and use our emotions to cultivate the light within our hearts. In this way we develop wisdom and understanding, so we are able to see the truth of the highest and best, both in ourselves and others.

Through these practices the Queen helps us learn to love and honor ourselves, to reflect to others the beauty we see around us, and to live in joy.

The Two of Cups, Love, represents a new quality of emotional balance through the ability to freely give and receive the flow of love. These deep emotional experiences of connection, joy and bliss are available to you now. You can tap into this momentum throughout the coming Lunar cycle, especially when you set the intention to do so.

The New Moon Spread

Knowing the significance of our Cancer New Moon, I asked for a message that would support each of us as we connect to the potentials of our new paths forward.


This New Moon spread affirms the astrology of a new beginning and opportunity for a fresh start, especially through the qualities of inner balance, emotional coherence, and willingness to be fully available in the moment. 


The Art card (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness speaks to your ability to work consciously with the blessings of new potential. This is you, realizing yourself as the Alchemist of your life.


You are experiencing a new connection to your inner guidance, through your ability to work with your feelings and emotions in order to heal and transform. In other decks this card is also known as “Temperance.” This title represents the tempering (transforming) of our consciousness by intentionally choosing to work with the circumstances of our life. 


The blessings of this time will come through your ability to show up and work intentionally with the challenges that emerge. This is how you leave the past behind.


The Ace of Cups (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances affirms the energies of new potential. These energies flow as an infinite stream of love. They are tangible and real. The more you are able to move to your heart and listen to your deeper, feeling nature, the more you will experience the flow of love, even in the midst of challenge.


Aces always signify new birth. In the position of physical circumstances, the Ace of Cups requires that you place your focus, in the moment, on your emotions and your power of choice.


The more you commit to focusing on appreciation, curiosity, and the good of what is possible, you will shift your frequency and transform the past. This will help you let go of old habits of worry, grief, disappointment and fear, and cultivate your new path toward the blessings that are waiting for you.


The Hanged Man (right) in the position of Spirit represents a new quality of surrender through awareness of the spiritual Love and guidance that supports you. 


In practical terms this card represents spiritual evolution. Through the willingness to release control, you are able to let go and see things from a new perspective. 


In astrology this card represents Neptune, the planet of transformation and spiritual evolution. Neptune holds a significant role in our New Moon astrology. (See link to astrology article below.) This card underscores the importance now of your commitment to courage and willingness to trust in the unseen world that supports you.


The Seven of Wands, Valor (top center) is in the position of What Is Being Integrated. This card affirms the development of new levels of success through focus, commitment, courage, strength of purpose, and willingness to be fully present to your life.


The vibrating wand in the center of the card shows the intensity and enormous potential that is available. The more you are able to be in your heart and work intentionally with the circumstances that emerge, the more you will discover new powers of inner balance, and the more your path forward will be revealed.


As a Seven, the Valor card is directly connected with the Chariot (VII). It represents a powerful and practical way that you can connect with the spiritual powers of the Chariot. This synchronicity underscores the level of support that is available to you at this time.


Honoring the Liminal Space

As a human family we are currently standing at a unique point of balance between our collective past and the future that we will create. The recent Lunar cycles and summer solstice have brought us to a new place of pure potential.


We stand together in transition between worlds. Psychologists call the transition zone between worlds a ‘liminal’ state. The term liminal comes from the Latin ‘liminalis’, meaning doorway or threshold.


The threshold of a liminal state is, by definition, a place of transition and instability. It can be filled with emotional extremes. One moment can feel infinitely creative and the next can be completely unsettled. You may find yourself inexplicably vacillating between inspiration and discouragement; clarity and confusion; exhilaration and despair; vitality and fatigue. At the most extreme it’s common to move from pure joy to total fear. 


In these moments remind yourself that you are in uncharted territory. What matters now is your willingness to sit with your discomfort. Resist the urge to default to old comfort zones. Take a breath and move into your heart. Quietly breathe from your heart for a few moments until you return to the present moment. Feel deeply and ask for guidance about next steps. 


Be ok with the unusual nature of the time. Allow the uncertainty. It’s ok to feel disoriented. Remember that attachment to the past can delay or even derail new opportunities that are on the near horizon.


This is a time to cultivate joy. Nurture your vitality and your friendships. Look for ways each day to celebrate the gifts of life. Share stories of your visions. Trust your spiritual connections and ask for guidance to move you forward, step by step, on your brilliant path.


We are here to walk this path together. Our future is more brilliant that we can imagine.


Happy New Moon,


Opportunities and Resources

  • New Moon Astrology. For more insights into the New Moon energies, see Steven Shroyer’s astrology article, The Point Between What Was and What’s to Come. I very much enjoy collaborating with Steve on these messages and I hope they help you connect in practical ways with these remarkable times.
  • Personal Energy Sessions & Summer Rates. I am taking a break from teaching for the summer, and have added additional spots for energy sessions through July and early August. I have also lowered my rates for everyone, to reflect my friends and family discounts. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you navigate the intensities of this time. Schedule your summer session HERE.
  • Bonus Astrology Reading: Recognizing Your Inner Essence.  Your inner Essence is a unique quality of your Being, related to your true nature and your inner Guidance. Through July and August all 90-minute energy sessions will include a bonus astrology reading, where you will learn about the unique signature of your own inner Essence. This connection opens a doorway to new intuitive awareness of the voice of your higher Self. Schedule your 90-minute session HERE.
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