Cancer New Moon: Coming Home

Happy New Moon!

The Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse occurred on Tuesday, July 2nd, at 12:18 pm PT.

The Cancer New Moon holds qualities of deep emotional strength and a new capacity of coming Home to yourself. This is an inner homecoming, a time to commit to nurturing yourself, a time to allow for the quiet and spaciousness necessary to receive the new infusions of creative energy that are available.

Solar Eclipses always initiate a season of accelerated growth, especially through revealing new truths and unveiling what’s previously been hidden from sight.

This is a time to hold curiosity about what it means to truly be “at Home,” and from this connection to your inner Home, to take actions and make changes based on what is nurturing for you.

The Chariot card in tarot represents the Cancer New Moon. The Chariot holds many powerful teachings about how to be a warrior of light, and what it means to become a full participant in life from a strong inner foundation. (I say more about this in the tarot video that follows.)

We are all nurturing new seeds of creation. It’s important to take time now for connection within. Nurturing yourself in this season of Home (the launch of summer in the Northern hemisphere) means making space for laughter and play and rejuvenation.

Especially because this Eclipse is conjunct the North Node (the leading edge of new possibility), pay attention in the coming days to feelings of freedom and truth and joy and forward momentum.

Along these lines, here are three key questions you can use as touchstones in the days to come:

  • “What does it mean to truly be at Home within?”
  • “What does it mean to nurture myself?”
  • “What does it mean to choose well being above all else?”

Hold curiosity for new insights and realizations. Use these insights and feelings to follow the thread of your own Golden Path, and pay attention to what’s revealed along the way.

Eclipse cycles can extend far into the future, activating new growth beyond what we can ever know. This month’s New Moon tarot spread is especially powerful and holds a lot of important guidance. I offer the following message with intentions for practical support for navigating the creative energies of this new cycle.

I hope you enjoy the reading. This is a special and powerful time.

New Moon Blessings,

New Moon Opportunities

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New Moon Message: July 2nd – 31st, 2019

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