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Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: Liberation from the Past

Happy Eclipse!

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse occurs at 2:38 pm on Tuesday, July 16th.

This is a complex and intense Full Moon. The energies of this eclipse are huge, and will unfold for days and weeks, even years and generations to come.

In the most practical sense, the illuminated energies of Cancer (Sun) and Capricorn (Moon) are supporting your personal empowerment and your ability to experience the world in new ways aligned with freedom and purpose.

The Queen of Disks in tarot represents the Capricorn Full Moon. She is leaving the past behind, and moving forward to create new worlds, based on her inner strength and values of abundant well-being for all.

A Lunar eclipse opens a doorway of new possibility. When the Moon is shadowed, normal time is suspended and a cosmic portal opens, delivering a new energy of change to our world.

In meditation earlier this morning I asked for a symbol or message to summarize the BIG energies of this eclipse. I received a beautiful vision. I saw the word “Liberation” illuminated across the sky, with prison walls falling away and many people emerging, arms outstretched, into the light.

The energy of liberation and freedom from the past is Real and all around us, the result of expanding consciousness and the ongoing dismantling of outdated power structures in our world.

Liberation and freedom can trigger confusion and fear. It can be disorienting when old identities and old ways of being no longer work, and we also don’t know which systems or leaders we can trust.

But the Universe always has our back. Along with the dismantling are strong frequencies of personal empowerment and courage, enabling us to forge new paths forward based on values of freedom and well-being for all.

We are learning that the game of life is an inside job. Your identity and your decisions are no longer based on what the outer world says. What matters most now is the ability to stay present, to anchor your “home base” deep within, and find your secure foundation there.

Things are changing fast. New understandings are being revealed moment-to-moment. Once anchored within, you’re able to orient to what’s happening around you and navigate from inner guidance, rather than what the world says you must do.

This is true freedom!

Even when external circumstances are confusing and overwhelming, when you connect within the way becomes clear.

The following Lunar Eclipse video message offers context and practical support so that you can find your own point of focus and alignment on your golden path forward.

We truly are creating a new world. The past is over! Trust the Light within.



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Lunar Eclipse Message: July 16th – Aug 12th


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