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Capricorn Full Moon: Expanding into New Potentials

Happy Full Moon!


Our Capricorn Full Moon brings the potential for new momentum to your life.

This will come through new realizations of positive and tangible changes you can make, and the will you need to take action toward what inspires you. 

We are at the midpoint of a powerful Lunar cycle of new beginnings. This is a time to allow yourself to expand and connect with your personal commitments to the highest and best of what is possible in life.

Capricorn Theme: Showing Up for Life

The Queen of Disks is the tarot court card for Capricorn. This card beautifully expresses the qualities of our Capricorn Moon and the opportunity to show up for yourself in new ways.  

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac. The earth Queen (Disks) represents personal mastery that is grounded in practical ways in daily life.  Her goat companion represents Capricorn’s strength of character including commitment, stamina and resilience. 

The Queen is future-oriented. She is leaving the past behind. This is represented by the barren plain behind her. The wellbeing of her new life is symbolized by the rich green colors and other symbols of abundance in the foreground of the card.

The Queen’s spiral headdress symbolizes personal authority and inner strength. Her staff is topped with a hexagram star, which symbolizes her alignment with wholeness, healing and harmony in all things.

This is a time to face forward toward new possibility. Connect with your personal sense of authority and commitment to what you value most, and then be willing to take practical actions to align with your inspired visions for the future. 

The Cancer-Capricorn Polarity

The Capricorn Full Moon occurs at the mid-point of the current Lunar cycle, which began two weeks ago with the Cancer New Moon. 

The tarot cards for these two zodiac signs offer practical insights to help us focus on the new opportunities available now.

The Queen of Cups (Cancer Sun) represents the new depths of emotional power that can be developed within the current Lunar cycle. This is a time to pay attention to your feelings, cultivate your emotional strength, look for the good in yourself and others, and trust the guidance of your heart. 

The Queen of Disks (Capricorn Moon) complements Cancer’s emotional depths with strong boundaries, self care, and the ability to take concrete and practical action in the direction of your dreams and intuitive perceptions.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Knowing the potentials for new creation in this potent Lunar cycle, I asked for a spread to offer practical guidance and inspiration for next steps forward.

The synchronicities of this spread are remarkable.

First, all three lower cards in the image are “Twos,” emphasizing  new qualities of consciousness, especially through inner balance and alignment. 

The Two of Disks, Change (lower center) in the position of Mind and Awareness represents a tangible feeling of inner calm and balance, as you experience life’s ongoing processes and cycles of change.

This card emphasizes the importance of focusing your awareness on the new potentials of positive change and good fortune. Choose to look for the good, and you’ll feel yourself directly connected to the harmony of the larger cycles of life (Capricorn). 

The Two of Cups, Love (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents an experience of emotional balance, joy and fulfillment. 

The bliss experienced in this card is the result of inner trust and security. This is a time to listen to your body, pay attention to your feelings, and allow the flow of love to nourish you. In this way you will feel the truth of the highest and best in yourself and others (Cancer).

The Two of Wands, Dominion (right) in the position of Spirit represents a new activation of spiritual willpower, enabling you to face the challenges of life with courage and trust. 

The title Dominion refers to an experience of inner presence. and awareness of your true sovereignty. This card emphasizes a new opportunity to claim your highest and best, with the inspiration to live in service to the guidance of your higher Self. 

This position also reminds you to ask for help, especially if you are feeling uncertain or lacking the willpower you need to release fear and take action toward what inspires you.

The Chariot (top center) is in the position of ‘Additional Insight’. The Chariot in this position affirms new opportunities of fortunate new beginnings. You are encouraged to align with new potentials and follow your guidance as you take steps forward on your path. 

This card is especially significant because the Chariot also represents Cancer and our current Lunar cycle. (See Cancer New Moon: A New Direction in Life.)

Adjustment (crossing, top center) represents ‘What Needs to Be Integrated’. The word Adjustment refers to your ability to come into healthy balance with all of the circumstances and relationships in your life.

This card powerfully affirms the qualities of intentional balance and personal power held within our Full Moon, as expressed through the messages of the three lower Twos in the spread. 

The Adjustment card also encourages you now to make strategic adjustments to your life, as necessary, in order to align more directly with where you’d like to go. 

Claiming the Highest and Best

We are in a potent time of new creation.

Poised at the midpoint of the current lunar cycle, this Full Moon is activating a new commitment to personal excellence.

The more you commit to cultivating your inner balance, the more you will feel the inspiration to show up for the highest and best of what is possible in your life, and for humanity as a whole.  

Remember now that your power rests within.

  • Pay attention to the opportunity held within each moment.
  • Prioritize inner balance. What does it mean to adjust from within?
  • Set clear boundaries, take care of yourself, and align with the Light.
  • Let go of ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and instead hold curiosity for what you can learn from each experience.
  • Take practical steps from what you learn. In this way you can refine your path forward.

This is an important time to consciously set your intentions toward the future. We each have a part to play in the evolution of our human family and the bright future of our world. 



Opportunities and Resources

  • Full Moon Astrology. For more insights into the Full Moon energies, see Steven Shroyer’s astrology article “The Power of Personal Potential – Capricorn Full Moon”.
  • Personal Energy Sessions & Summer Rates. I am taking a break from teaching for the summer, and have added additional spots for energy sessions through the rest of July and early August. I have also lowered my rates for everyone, to reflect my friends and family discounts. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you navigate the intensities of this time. Schedule your summer energy session HERE.
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