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Capricorn New Moon: Power vs. Force

Happy New Moon!


This New Moon is especially powerful as it follows on the heels of Wednesday’s solstice.

Each lunar cycle brings new potentials, and the Capricorn New Moon marks yet another significant pivot point on our upward climb. 

The goat is a traditional symbol for Capricorn, representing personal power through qualities of inner strength, resilience, authority, confidence and nimble agility in the face of challenge. 

These qualities – and more – are available to you at this time.

Capricorn Theme: Power vs. Force

Capricorn is perhaps the most misunderstood and maligned of all the zodiac signs. That’s because Capricorn is about power. For thousands of years our world has been dominated by the misuse of power, including shadow aspects of Capricorn, such as aggression, force and fear-based control.

The good news is that we are taking our power back. Individual authority and practical, healthy leadership are cornerstones of Capricorn’s energy. Indeed, the power of the individual that resides in Capricorn is a necessary remedy for our world.

The themes of these tarot cards for Capricorn illuminate the healthy qualities of personal power that are available to you now. 

The Devil represents the healthy aspects of Capricorn, and the ways in which we are taking our power back.

The card shows the nature deity Pan, in the form of a goat. This card holds important teachings about embodying our authority, through heart-centered balance, vitality, strength, humor, creativity and joy.

This card encourages you to fearlessly claim your individuality and learn to work creatively with the life power you carry within. 

The Queen of Disks is the court card for Capricorn. She represents new maturity and mastery of abundant well being, especially through her connection to the wisdom of her body and confidence on her path forward.

The barren plain in the background of the card represents the past. The Queen has left the past behind. She stands now in a rich and verdant world.

We are reminded here of how we are evolving beyond the hold of fear and outdated systems of control. This New Moon is another important opportunity for a shift toward freedom and sovereignty for all.  

New Moon Spread

Our beautiful spread offers practical ways to connect with the potential for transformation that’s available to you now.

The Queen of Disks (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness affirms a new connection to your inner authority.

The rich greens of the card signify health and abundant well being. The goat in the foreground of the card signifies Capricorn’s qualities. The Queen wears the goat’s headdress, showing that she has embodied her authority.

Significantly, we have received this card regularly in our lunar spreads over the past several months. The time has come to own your authority and confidence in your ability to create the life you desire.

The Nine of Cups, Happiness (left) in the position of Physical Circumstances represents a practical experience of the blessings of life. Nine is a wisdom number. This is not superficial happiness, rather a deep spiritual quality of fulfillment. 

In relationship with the Queen of Disks this card represents happiness that comes as a result of your ability to choose to focus on your blessings in practical ways in each moment.

This is a time to cultivate appreciation in your daily life as a conscious tool of personal power. The rest of the spread affirms this principle.

The Magician (right) in the position of Spirit and Higher Self signifies a new realization of yourself as a conscious creator. The Magician represents you, emerging into a new field of potential. He juggles four objects, representing the elements of creation before they come into form.

In this position you are encouraged to connect each day with your inspiration and inner knowing, especially through your direct connection to your Spirit and higher Self.

The Princess of Wands (top center) is in the position of Something Else to Consider. She represents a new infusion of creativity and willpower. The Princess has the tiger by the tail. She is harnessing all of her enormous vitality, focusing on what inspires her. Together she and the tiger rise. 

The Princess, along with the other cards in the spread, affirms your ability to use your will to harness the power of appreciation in your daily life. As you focus on what inspires you, you’ll experience new opportunities and new creation beyond what you ever imagined possible.

The Past is Over - New Opportunities Emerge

We are the creators of this world. The more we expand and learn, the more we realize that we really do hold the power to create. 

As the Magician card reminds us,  every moment is a new beginning, and in every moment we have access to infinite possibility. Where we place our focus in each moment determines what we create. 

Capricorn’s practicality, vitality and inner stamina can help you now to apply the principles of creation to your daily life. 

Creation is frequency-based, and frequency is a choice. The more you can raise your frequency the more you can align with higher energies of creation. 

Look for the magic and you’ll find it everywhere. 

This is a time to use the power of appreciation as a practical tool to elevate your frequency. Appreciation in the moment can help you shift from low frequencies of anger, fear or worry to neutrality. From neutrality you can more easily access curiosity and optimism. When you shift your frequency, your perspective changes. This is how new opportunities emerge.

This is an important time. Make space in the coming days for quiet. Nurture your inner light. Celebrate your many blessings and share your love with others. Treasure your inspiration and honor your visions for all the good that is to come.

I wish you and your family a blessed holiday season. Thank you from my heart for all of the love that you bring to our world.



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