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Capricorn New Moon: Taking Our Power Back

Happy New Moon!

I’m happy to connect today to share my inspirations regarding the January 11 Capricorn New Moon.


I LOVE working with Capricorn energy. It holds unique and potent ways to help us connect with our truest vitality and purpose, which is why for me it’s one of the most important qualities of the zodiac to explore.


Capricorn energy helps us connect with personal power through qualities of authority, individuality, confidence, prosperity and commitment to excellence. Capricorn gives us the determination and drive to pursue and create our highest dreams. It’s also inspired teamwork and the ability to collaborate with others in order to go beyond what we can do alone.


Capricorn’s connection to authority holds a powerful shadow. It’s the shadow side of power which has traditionally ruled our world, through systems of fear, greed and control. The more we are able to expand into new frequencies of light, the less these systems can control us. 


Together we are remembering our authority as individuals. We are realizing that together we hold the power to create a new world, with new systems and new structures that will better serve us. Capricorn’s high frequencies of personal sovereignty hold an important key to our awakening.

Capricorn Theme: Personal Authority

The Queen of Disks is the tarot court card for Capricorn. She represents the mastery of physical well-being and abundance, with the ability to make good decisions for herself and others. 
The Queen lives from a future-oriented perspective. She has released attachment to the past, symbolized by the barren plain in the background. Her ability to live in the present and create new structures of well being is represented by the lush growth that surrounds her.  The Queen is fully connected to the wisdom of her body. She knows how to work directly with the creative power of nature.

This is a time to receive new confidence to nurture yourself and create what you truly value in the world. You are no longer bound by the past. You have the ability to transcend all types of conditioning and unnecessary limitation.

Transcending the Shadow

The major arcana cards for Capricorn show  the importance of personal authority, while also highlighting Capricorn’s powerful shadow. 
The traditional name for this card is “The Devil” (left). The title represents the shadow of Capricorn, and the many ways we have been programmed in this world through fear-based teachings and systems of control.

The images within the card show the keys to reclaiming personal power, through connection to nature (goat medicine), authority (antlers), powerful vitality (rising trunk/phallus), commitment to inner balance (symbol of ma’at across breastbone) and playful humor (smile on the goat’s face and nature crown).  
The alternate card from the Osho deck named “Conditioning” shows a regal lion emerging from a flock of sheep. This represents the process of becoming a true individual, having the courage to express your true nature, and thus transcending all the adaptations and forms of conditioning that have kept you from claiming your true sovereignty.
These cards beautifully demonstrate the significance of Capricorn energy in supporting our evolution, both personally and together as a human family. The shadow aspects of Capricorn represent the structures of control, greed and authoritarianism that have enslaved humanity for too long. When we live from the frequencies of our Spirits we hold the authority to transcend the shadow, and create our most inspired visions.
Together we are living beyond the systems of control and taking back our power.

The New Moon Spread

Taking back our power can feel intense, especially because of the intensity of the shadow that these energies hold. 


I pulled this spread asking our Spirits what we each need to know now about claiming our true authority. These cards hold a beautiful message of encouragement.
The Sun (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness represents the power of infinite possibility that is held within the potency of each moment. This card reminds you to continually return to your awareness to your connection to your Spirit and Source energy. This is the pathway forward to well being, inspiration and joy. 
The Knight of Disks (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents your ability to experience new levels of well being and mastery in your life circumstances. The Knight is the companion to the Queen of Disks discussed earlier. This card encourages you to use the power of your Spirit (the Sun), to feel your authority within all of your circumstances and experiences.
The Ace of Disks (right) in the position of Spirit affirms the new beginning that exists in every moment. Each moment holds the opportunity to begin anew. This awareness can help us transcend the heaviness of Capricorn’s shadows which are all associated with the limitations of the past.
The Empress (top center) in the position of What is Being Integrated represents the loving energy of Source energy, as the Great Mother who loves and nourishes us all. This encourages you, especially in moments of challenge, to open your heart to receive the support that is available to you. 
For more insights into this spread, including practical suggestions for how to tap into Capricorn’s authority, visit AquarianAgeTarot.Locals.com for the replay of the New Moon message. 

Inspired Collaboration

A new era is dawning in our world as, day by day, we move further into the new energies of the Aquarian Age.
Our world is being rebirthed in real time before our very eyes. As the Light continues to expand, new systems will be created, based on values of freedom and abundant well-being for all.  We hold the seeds of those new systems now, within our consciousness and the visions we hold.
The energies of our Capricorn New Moon are setting the stage for the potency of changes to come in the new year. Amidst the intensity of contrast, avoid tendencies to feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the changes (Capricorn shadow). This is a time to connect firmly within. Use your resolve to commit to yourself and claim your authority to choose well-being in each moment. 
Hold curiosity for new creation, and inspired teams with whom to collaborate and play. This is a year to join with others and fly beyond where we have ever gone before.
This is our time. Let’s join together and do this!




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