Chiron Workshop: Keys to Healing

I’m happy to invite you to the upcoming astrology workshop, “Chiron: Keys to Healing,” held in Seattle on Saturday, April 9th.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to explore your connection to healing and liberation through the asteroid Chiron and the archetype of the “Wounded Healer.” 


Chiron’s location in our natal charts helps to reveal the hidden reasons for trauma and inner wounds that we carry. 


In this workshop you’ll uncover the meaning behind limiting patterns and emotional wounds.


  • You’ll learn how to explore the hidden reasons for inner wounds.
  • You’ll learn the practical areas of your life in which the patterns are most easily recognized.
  • You’ll also discover how these patterns can reveal and liberate your natural gifts and abilities. 

This is an inspiring process. Chiron holds a very unique role in your chart and can help you understand all of the other elements of your life in new ways. 


The workshop is open to beginners as well as those who want to deepen their understanding of Chiron’s work in their life.


You can learn more and request registration HERE.


I hope you’ll join me for a day of great adventure. I look forward to helping you experience all of the ways that connecting with Chiron can and will expand your world.


Much Love,


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