Spirit Medicine Master Class

Spirit Medicine Master Class

Seattle, WA

This class will be offered next in Spring of 2024.

Contact Elizabeth HERE to request early notice when the next class posts. 

Strengthen Well-Being in Turbulent Times

Join us in this brand NEW Master Class where Elizabeth reveals breakthrough information and key energy practices to help you navigate all forms of change through the wisdom of your Spirit and the power of your Light.

The information offered within this single day
will be life-changing.

Breakthrough Techniques

Leading-Edge Tools

Life-Changing Practices

Healing the Split

Leading-Edge Tools

  • Strengthen Inner Guidance
  • Set Clear Boundaries
  • Heal DNA and Lineage Patterns
  • Clear Your Chakras
  • Cut Cords and Heal the Past

Life-Changing Practices

  • How to Cultivate Lasting Joy
  • Techniques for Restful Sleep
  • Face Fear and Heal Emotional Wounds 
  • Safely Send Healing Energy to Loved Ones
  • Clear and Bless Your Home

Healing the Body-Mind Split

  • Recognize the difference between interference and authentic guidance.
  • Strengthen inner calm and neutrality, even during times of stress.
  • Amplify your ability to create from what inspires you.

All Levels are Welcome

  • This interactive class is designed to give YOU the keys you need to strengthen your power to heal and create.
  • Beginners will receive a solid foundation of practices and tools to use immediately.
  • Intermediate & advanced practitioners will receive important insights and key refinements to strengthen and adjust their existing practices.

Enrollment is Limited to 10 to Guarantee Personal Support

What Participants are Saying

“For some time I have been feeling that there has been something missing from my daily practices. This workshop answered my questions and showed me what was missing. I’m so grateful and excited to begin bringing these new tools into my life. Thank you! ”  ~J.S.

“This workshop connected so many dots for me! The new tools are both beautiful and practical. I also loved the opportunity for hands-on practice within the energy of the small group.”  ~BB

“This was SUCH a great workshop! I have been incorporating the new tools we learned and already feel much more centered and calm. Before the class I felt like I had reached a plateau with my practices for health and prosperity. Now I have momentum and inspiration to move toward my goals.”  ~K.C.

“This was an amazing experience. Thank you so much for the valuable depth of useful information. I loved the flow of the small group, including your ability to respond to all of our important questions.”  ~L.B.

“This was such a rich day! I really appreciated how the information we received relates directly to my own intentions for healing and increasing my personal connection to joy.”  ~N.R.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Schermer is the founder and director of the Alchemy School and the Dendera Institute.  


Elizabeth is a gifted energy healer, teacher and guide. She specializes in helping people connect with their true Selves so they can transcend unnecessary limits and discover the joy of their own creative power and purpose in the world.

The Universe is Here to Support You

You are powerful beyond what you have ever known. 


The more you’re able to strengthen your Light, the more you will experience your natural ability to live in joy and create the life you desire.


The Time is NOW!

Are you interested in future offerings?

Contact Elizabeth HERE to receive early notice when the next Spirit Medicine class is announced. You can also email her directly at beth@elizabethschermer.com.


Tuition: $225

Your tuition includes:

  • Detailed written materials.
  • Recorded exercises you can repeat at home.
  • Delicious organic lunch and snacks.

Enrollment is limited to TEN to guarantee personal support.



Seattle Sound Temple, 4300 Fremont Ave N, Seattle WA 98103.


  • Sunday, October 29th.
  • Hours: 10 am – 5 pm.
  • Doors open 9:30 am. 

When you register you’ll receive more information, including the opportunity to submit dietary requests and your personal intentions for the day.

Strengthen Your Connection to the Life You Desire


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