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Exciting January Workshops: Expand Your Life in 2024!

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to connect today to invite you to two brand new workshops that I’ll be offering later this month. These events are designed to help you connect personally with the incredible potency of the new year, and support your acceleration into positive momentum in the days to come. 


The coming year promises to be an incredible time of new creation. In “Aquarian Tarot for 2024” we’ll be using tarot cards to help you amplify inspiration and clearly connect with your most abundant pathway forward, so you can navigate the forces of change and build momentum toward the highest potentials of new creation.

The tarot card pictured here is the High Priestess, known as “Inner Voice” in the Osho deck. This card represents the power of our inner light, and the way our life changes the more we learn to live from the clear guidance that resides at the innermost core of our being.

This ability to help us strengthen our trust in inner guidance expresses, for me, the true  power of the cards. We hold within all we need to know. The cards help us return to our Spirits. This is why they hold inspiration for me after all of these years, and why I continue to learn from them.

In Level 1, “Introduction to Aquarian Tarot,” you’ll learn practical and creative ways to use tarot cards to dialogue directly with your Spirit and Source energy. These basic principles and practices can be life changing, helping you strengthen your connection to inner guidance and confidence in your ability to create the life you desire.


In Level 2, “Accelerate Your Path to New Creation,” we’ll use the tarot to connect with new understandings of the principles of creation. You’ll take your work with the cards to the next level, with new insights in how to use tarot as a tool to amplify momentum, and generate inspiration and clarity on your path forward. 

A Pivotal Year of Change

Our world is changing fast and we are all changing with it. All indications say that this is the year that everything comes alive for us in new and different ways. Step by step we are expanding into the light of the new Aquarian Age.  
I’m inspired to gather with you in these early days of the new year to explore these amazing potentials and offer practical insights about ways that you can sort through intensity to access clarity and build positive momentum this year.  
This is at once the most challenging AND most amazing time to be alive. The more we collaborate, the more we can accelerate together. Join me for one or both days of “Aquarian Age Tarot for 2024” and amplify your ability to create the life you desire.
This will be so much fun! I hope to see you there. 
Much Love,

Upcoming Opportunities

Aquarian Tarot for 2024

Personal Energy Sessions

Schedule a 1-on-1 personal energy session to build your momentum for the coming year. You’ll receive specific guidance and learn ways to increase your connection to your Spirit and amplify well-being and inspiration. We’ll also address any specific questions and intentions around your circumstances and the year to come.  


Use code ALCHEMY10 to receive a 10% discount on any session in January and February. 
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