Foundational Alchemy for 2024

Foundational Alchemy for 2024

The Four Pillars of Freedom

Take Your Life to the Next Level

Foundational Alchemy is our premier program, enabling you to create practical, powerful and lasting changes in your life.

Next In-Person Seattle Program begins in September.
Dates Available Soon.
Do You Live Out of the Area?
Watch for Details on Our New Virtual Program!

Tools for the Shift

This year’s Foundational Alchemy program has been specifically designed to meet the new challenges and opportunities we all face during these times of unprecedented change. 


Our world is expanding into the frequencies of the new Aquarian Age at an ever-increasing rate. This year’s program provides the optimum balance of leading-edge information with the practical tools and strategies you need to up-level your life and meet the challenges of a changing world in positive ways. 


We are living in a new frontier. Join the 2024 Foundational Alchemy Program and begin experiencing your dreams today!

2024 Program Overview

The Four Pillars of Freedom

Each pillar of freedom highlights an essential aspect of life.

In this unique program you’ll explore these principles, from their roots in indigenous wisdom teachings, to practical leading-edge information from diverse fields including energy medicine, Feng Shui, astrology and tarot. 

The experiences and insights you receive will expand your life in unprecedented ways.


This is the Year to Create the Life You Desire

The Time is NOW!

Realize your ability to create, beyond what you’ve ever imagined.
Experience breakthroughs in intuition, knowledge and self-confidence.

Discover dynamic tools that will permanently up-level your life.

Module ONE: The Freedom of Wisdom

Workshop: Sunday, March 24

Knowledge Path: Spirit Medicine & Intro to the Four Pillars

Transcending Limitation and Living from the Heart.

Themes & Topics

  • Recognizing Your Inner Sage. Owning Your Light.
  • Energy Keys to Wisdom: Developing Trust, Ease and Inner Knowing. Peace Energy.
  • Strengthening Connection to Spirit. Releasing interfering thoughts. 
  • Principles of Ascension. Knowing what is “Real”. Navigating the confusion of misinformation and distorted belief systems. 
  • Element: Water.  How to access the healing properties of Water.  

Tools & Practices

  • Intro to the Four Pillars.
  • Leading-edge Strategies for Navigating the Shift to 5D.
  • Spirit Medicine Protocols – These Will Change Your Life!
  • Effective Ways to Use Tarot & Oracle Cards to Dialogue with Spirit.

Module TWO: The Freedom of Choice

Workshop: Sunday, April 14

Knowledge Path: Feng Shui & Dowsing

Being at Home within Your Body and the Body of the Earth. 

Themes & Topics

  • Strengthening the Hero and Healer within. 
  • Energy Keys to Empowered Choice: Prosperity, Health, Independence, and Self-Confidence. 
  • Introduction to Dowsing and the Body’s Wisdom. 
  • Energetics of Environments. Feng Shui Keys for Prosperity and Health.
  • Element: Earth. Practices for Connecting with Earth Medicine.

Tools & Practices

  • Reading the Oracle Language of Objects and Environments.
  • Space Clearing Techniques for Healing Your Home.
  • Boundaries and Energetics of Healthy Relationships.

Module THREE: The Freedom of Joy

Workshop: Sunday, May 19

Knowledge Path: Chakras & Sound Healing

Healing Technologies. The Music of the Spheres.

Themes & Topics

  • Strengthening the Seer and Visionary within.
  • Energy Keys to Joy: Creativity, Self-Expression, Inspiration.  
  • Chakra Medicine: Cultivating Your Inner Light. 
  • Creative Power: Navigating Contrast. Clearing the Past. Living Your Highest Visions Now. 
  • Element: Fire. Practices for connecting with Fire medicine.

Tools & Practices

  • Chakra Visualizations. Techniques for Clearing Energy.  
  • Practical Methods for Shifting Frequency. The Map of Consciousness.
  • Mantra and the Healing Technology of Sound.

Module FOUR: The Freedom of Purpose

Workshop: Sunday, June 23

Knowledge Path: Astrology & Cosmology

Transcending Fate and Living from Your Highest Freedom

Themes & Topics

  • Recognizing the Warrior within.
  • Energy Keys to Inspired Purpose: Living in Freedom & Dominion; Releasing Fear, Limitation and False Responsibility.
  • Energetics of the Planets and the Zodiac. Recognizing Shadow versus Light.
  • The Anatomy of an Astrology Chart and Significane of Natal Energies.
  • Element: Air. Practices for connecting with the healing energies of Air.

Tools & Practices

  • Personal Astrology Readings.
  • Exploring the Four Pillars within Your Natal Chart.
  • Practices for Connecting with the Planets and the Zodiac.

Final Event: Fall Retreat

Living the Four Pillars of Freedom

Friday, Sept. 20 - Sunday, Sept. 22
Location Announced Soon

Integrating the Four Pillars

This immersion retreat will be a joyful experience of bringing the Four Pillars of Freedom to life and celebrating our journey together as a group. 

Themes & Topics

  • Tools for Embodying the Personal Qualities of Wisdom, Love, Power and Joy.
  • Experiential Immersion in the Four Aspects of Self: the Warrior, Hero, Seer and Sage.
  • Creative Practices for tapping into the Consciousness of the Four Elements in Daily Life.
  • Recognizing Shadow Aspects of the Pillars with Tools for Healing.
  • Activating Personal Intentions for Moving Forward.

Tools & Practices

  • Increasing Your Access to the Warrior, Hero, Seer and Sage within.
  • Troubleshooting: Addressing Challenges and Maximizing Opportunities.
  • Practical Strategies for Living in the New Frequencies of the Aquarian Age.

Celebration & Ceremony

This retreat will be a joyful way to bring together and close this powerful journey. Each day will include special activities and experiential ceremonies to help you integrate your personal connection to the sacred Elements, the Four Pillars and your own inner Hero, Warrior, Seer and Sage.


Sound healing experiences will be integrated each day, and the retreat will conclude with a full sound bath and fire ceremony.

Retreat Logistics

  • Dates: Friday, Sept. 20 – Sunday, Sept. 22.
  • Location: Announced Soon.
  • Tuition: $550.

How the Program Works

Each of the Following Experiences has been Carefully Designed with Your Success in Mind.

Weekend Workshops

In-person workshops offer creative immersion through new information, experiential practices and dynamic collaboration. 


  • Interactive presentations of rich wisdom teachings.
  • Group discussions on leading-edge information.
  • Energy medicine tools for personal healing.
  • Guided activities for personal exploration and learning.
  • Closing meditations to anchor and integrate the day.
  • Organic lunches and healthy snacks will be provided.

Seattle Workshop Spring Schedule (In-Person Program)

  • Sunday, March 24
  • Sunday, April 14
  • Sunday, May 19
  • Sunday, June 23

Hours: 9:00 am to 5 pm

Dates for the Fall Program Announced Soon

Seattle Workshop Location

The Seattle Sound Temple, 4300 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle WA, 98103.

Are you interested in a virtual program? 

Contact Elizabeth HERE to receive early notice when details for the virtual program are released. 

Evening Circles

Bi-Monthly evening circles enable us to explore the unfolding of our work within the context of daily life. 

  • Personal check-ins and reflections.
  • Q & A discussions and review.
  • Exploration of current planetary themes.
  • New energy medicine tools and practices.
  • Manifesting activities using oracle cards and other tools.

Schedule: 7 – 9 pm twice a month (M/T/W). Schedule is determined by group preference.  

Location: Zoom. (In-person circles in north Seattle may also be an option, based on group availability.)

Energy Sessions

Private energy sessions with Elizabeth enable you to receive individual support. This element fully personalizes the program so it truly meets your unique life experience.

  • Energy medicine and intuitive readings support your intentions for health and prosperity in all aspects of your life.
  • Natal chart astrology readings will offer additional insight and support clearing of past limitations.  
  • The opportunity for deep dives into your questions and experiences on all of our course topics and materials, including advanced teachings and applications related to your areas of personal interest.

Schedule: Four 90-min. sessions (1 for each module).  Booked at your convenience.

Location: Phone. (You’ll be notified if in-person sessions become available.)

Written Materials

In each module you will receive a detailed written materials with a wealth of information that supplements and supports all of our activities and explorations.


  • The program notebooks enable you to explore and expand your studies beyond what we touch on when we meet.
  • Your notebooks will be indexed and organized into sections for each of the topics we cover.
  • You’ll treasure your course notebooks as valuable resources for years to come.

Daily Personal Practice

This Program is Specifically Designed for People with Full and Busy Lives.

  • The Alchemy program is intended to support the full life that you live. For this reason, you’re not required to invest a specific amount of time outside of the hours we meet. Each person makes their own decision about investment in study and learning. 
  • Once the program begins, most participants experience an expansion of spaciousness and ease. They find they have MORE time once the program starts.
  • For those who ARE inspired to learn and able to commit time to the study of the materials, there are multitudes of opportunities for exploration.
  • Because of the detailed written materials your learning isn’t limited to our time together. You will appreciate the value of these resources long after the program ends, and find that you return to your favorite topics again and again,

Modern Day Alchemy
& Creation-in-Action

  • The principles of modern alchemy provide the true power and transformative magic of our work.
  • Creation responds to our intentions. The more you’re able to pay attention, the more you’ll experience the synchronicities held within the unfolding circumstances of your life.
  • This experience of creation-in-action is one of the most dynamic aspects of our group work. The joyful sharing of discovery and synchronicity brings our work alive. Together we expand creation.
Crystal Bowls

Participant Time Commitment

  • Do your best to attend as many workshops and evening circles as possible.
  • We recommend that you commit to 10 minutes each day for focused personal practice, both morning and evening. You will receive many strategies and techniques to help you develop daily practices that work for you.
  • You can also utilize your personal energy sessions to anchor what you’re learning and apply the wisdom teachings to daily life.

Additional Elements

  • Complete handouts and outlines are provided for all presentations, workshops and evening gatherings.
  • Audio recordings are available for all events. Zoom sessions are also video recorded.
  • Each month you’ll receive a detailed resource list, as well as optional monthly activities and creative projects.
  • Optional small group calls can be organized if desired for extra support and collaboration.

If You Miss a Session

  • You will receive all program materials, including handouts, slideshow pdfs and audio recordings.
  • If you’re unable to be present you will still be included energetically through distance energy work.
  • Personal sessions and evening circles offer regular opportunity for review and addressing your questions.
  • Whenever needs arise, Elizabeth will  be available personally for questions and follow-up support.

Our Recipe for Success

The Teachings • The Container • The Path

Every part of this program has been carefully prepared,
using time tested principles of human development.

The Teachings

Our Four Pillars work is rooted in universal principles found within indigenous wisdom traditions such as as the “Four Fold Way” and the “Four Agreements”.


We’ll also explore these practices through their expressions in the disciplines of Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Feng Shui, Astrology, History and Tarot.


The intention of the work is to help you connect more fully with your own inner knowing, through your Spirit and the wisdom your body. When you understand these core principles and learn how to apply them in your life, you hold the keys to creation and new levels of mastery in the world.

The Container

One of the most important reasons for the success of this program is the central role of the intentional small group.


New science is bearing out what spiritual teachings have always known: Life is based on collaboration and cooperation. Through the power of relationship we become much more than we ever could alone.


Through our intentional group work you’ll build new momentum, access new visions of possibility, and strengthen your connections to ALL of the relationships in your life, including your circumstances.

The Path

All true and lasting change comes from within. You have direct access to the Source energy that builds worlds, and the Universe holds big dreams for you.


You are absolutely unique. Your path is unique because your expression of Spirit is unique. What you are here to create has never been before. 


All of the elements of this program are designed to support your unique unfolding. Inspired creation happens when you explore these new tools and understandings within the circumstances of daily life.

In our time together we will witness amazing growth, hold space for challenges, appreciate beauty, honor vulnerability, take risks, speak the truth of our dreams, and celebrate together the spectacular new creations that appear. 

Success Stories

Do you wonder if this program is for you?

See what previous participants say about their experiences in the Alchemy Program.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Schermer, The Alchemy Mystery School

Elizabeth Schermer is the founder and director of the Alchemy School and the Dendera Institute.


Elizabeth is inspired by the privilege of living in these times of awakening. She’s passionate about her own journey of growth, and is continually exploring new methods and new avenues for personal healing and transformation.


It is her greatest inspiration now to share and explore these profound wisdom tools and teachings with others, as together we move forward into the beautiful creations of our new Aquarian Age.

Join Us!


The total cost of the Four Pillars of Freedom program is


 Tuition Deposit: $400

  • Due at time of registration.
  • Your deposit guarantees your spot.

Tuition Balance: $2,600

Payment Options:

  • 1 single payment of $2,418 due March 15 (represents a 7% discount).
  • 4 monthly payments of $650 due March 15 thru June 15.

The final 3-day retreat is optional and will be an additional charge.

Additional payment plans are also available.


Application and enrollment occurs through a personal interview and process.

Schedule a discovery call to learn more.

In the Alchemy Program You Will:

  • Discover new capacities for freedom, creativity and inspired purpose.
  • Strengthen your intuition with practical intuitive tools. 
  • Receive the support of a creative group of like-minded people.
  • Experience the joy of creating the life you desire.
  • Expand the vision of what is possible in your life, both now and moving forward.

Group Size is Limited to Eight.

The next Program begins in September 2024.

Schedule a Discovery Call Today.

The Adventure Awaits!

Group Photo Fall Retreat

Contact Elizabeth HERE to request an interview and learn more about how the Foundational Alchemy Program can help YOU take YOUR life to the next level.

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