Four Pillars Fall Retreat

For Graduates of the Four Pillars Program:

Four Pillars Fall Retreat

September 13-15, 2024

Bringing the Four Pillars to Life

  • Day One: The Path of Power
  • Day Two: The Path of Consciousness
  • Day Three: Bringing the Pillars to Life

New Leading-Edge Material

  • Symptoms of Ascension & Recognizing the Shift.
  • The Hidden History of the Earth.
  • Decoding Your Natal Chart: Unlocking Your Cross of Dharma.
  • Advanced Chakra Techniques & Sound Healing Practices.
  • Living in 5D: Techniques for Lasting Breakthrough.

Experiential Immersion

This retreat will help take your experiences of the Four Pillars to the next level. Each day will include:


  • Immersion Activities.
  • Experiential Meditations.
  • New Oracle Spreads and Creative Practices.

Sound healing practices & techniques will be integrated throughout the weekend, as well as a full sound bath and fire ceremony on Sunday.

Retreat Logistics

  • Friday – Sunday. 
  • 9:30 am – 5 pm each day.
  • Location: Seattle Sound Temple.
  • Tuition for Fall Retreat: $550.

Contact Elizabeth to register for this amazing event.

This event is open only to graduates of the Four Pillars of Freedom program.

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