Full Moon Message: Together We Rise

Happy Full Moon!

The Sagittarius Full Moon is on Tuesday, May 29, at 7:19 am PDT

I don’t know about you, but for me the past few days have been pretty intense. There are deep changes afoot. I can feel foundations  shifting and re-anchoring. Even when I don’t know exactly what’s happening beneath the surface, I can feel the importance of it all.

That’s why I got emotional while I was recording today’s Full Moon video message. This is Real. These are such powerful and precious days, and I feel so deeply the truth – and Beauty – of what is unfolding in our crazy topsy-turvy world.

We are changing and expanding together at lightning speed. Whatever is false and based in fear is falling away. Amidst the intensity and confusion of what is being dismantled we can feel and see the truth of our connection as a human family.

Together we stand at the threshold – the precipice – of real and lasting change.

I believe that many lifetimes of effort are culminating now at this time. In the midst of the intensity and discomfort there is a deeper and very positive story unfolding. Indeed, the degree of intensity we are each experiencing is a measure of the depth of change that is happening, both within and without.

Through the dismantling we are releasing old stories and limiting beliefs that for too long have kept us isolated and small. We are expanding our sense of Self, letting go of blame, learning to trust, and taking back our power.

We are remembering the truth of who we are.

As we remember and step back into the Light, our vision of what is possible expands. Every day we can see deeper and farther, beneath and beyond the reality that we have been trained to see.

This time on Earth is about Us. Who we really are. The power of Our collective. Our time. Our purpose.

It’s about Us  together. It’s also about You as an individual, and your personal journey of remembering.

This Sagittarius Full Moon offers you another boost of momentum on your path. This is a time for celebration and commitment – to your self and to your Tribe. Ask for what you need. Commit to what you know, and be willing to let it go when a new truth emerges.

We can do this!

Happy Full Moon!


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Full Moon Insights

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The “Art” card in Tarot represents the Sagittarius Full Moon.

This is an image of Alchemy. The large golden disk in the background represents your expanded awareness, the “Gold” of who you truly are and your willingness to fully show up for the Magic of your life.

Our Sagittarius Full Moon is activating this connection to deep truth and inner knowing. What is false is falling away in order to strengthen the true foundations that lie within.

You hold within you the keys to your own Magic. You have access now to deep insights and wisdom, including teachings that have been buried for eons. Everything in your life, every experience, has prepared you for this time.

You have a unique part to play in the adventure that is unfolding. This Full Moon offers you an infusion of inspiration and creative vitality.

Now and in the days to come, trust your visions, trust your dreams, and speak to the truth of what you know is possible.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

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  • The 2 of Cups, Love, in the position of Mind, speaks to the importance of trusting the power of Love as your foundation and your focus. Love is the glue that holds the Universe together. Trust the power of Love even when you don’t understand.
  • The Prince of Cups is the Warrior of the Heart. In the position of Body & Circumstances this says that it’s important now to trust your connections to others and the strength of your relationships. Make decisions based on what has heart and meaning and commit to showing up by feeling what’s true and important. Trust your inner truth.
  • The Fool in the position of Spirit speaks to the significance of the opportunities that await us. The Fool represents unlimited potential, and the courage to trust in the unknown in order to expand beyond what has been created in the past.
  • The Wild Card isn’t shown here. Watch the video for the full message.
  • See Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon Astrology article for additional insights.

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Full Moon Tarot Reading: May 29 – June 13

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