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Full Moon Update: Powerful New Momentum

Happy Full Moon!


The energies that were released this week during our Virgo Full Moon have the potential to create powerful new momentum in your life.


The image of the erupting volcano corresponds to the Sabian symbol for the Moon at 17° Virgo. 


This symbol of eruption represents a powerful infusion of new creative energy, welling up from deep within. It’s a form of recalibration, a release of the past, and a expression of powerful new potential.


Because it’s in the earth sign of Virgo, this energy is connected to the vitality and strength of Nature. You can connect to the potentials by grounding into the wisdom of your body and your deep sense of inner knowing.  Release fears of change and trust the expansion of creation.

Virgo/Pisces Theme: Expanding into New Mastery

Every Full Moon brings a new quality of balance and integration through the harmony of the opposite zodiac signs that are activated by the Sun and Moon. 


This new type of balance is especially significant with the Virgo/Pisces polarity. Both are signs of mastery.


The Knight of Disks represents mastery through the earth element of Virgo. Virgo supports our connection to the vitality and wisdom of nature. It helps us learn about the hidden energies of life so we can ground and integrate them in our bodies and our manifest experience.


The Knight of Cups represents mastery through the water element of Pisces. Pisces helps us open our hearts into our connection to humanity and all of life. 


Virgo’s mastery of healthy boundaries enables us to expand into the vastness of the sea of consciousness that is Pisces. Working together, these energies strengthen your ability to manage the big energies of life, so you can move forward beyond all types of limitation into new creation and new opportunity.

The Full Moon Spread

The tarot spread for our Full Moon affirms the new momentum and offers very practical advice.


The Knight of Disks (left) & Queen of Cups (right) affirm the new qualities of personal mastery that are available to you now.


The Two of Swords, Peace (top, center) in the position of Mind speaks to the importance of cultivating a peaceful mind in order to come to balance with your circumstances and any intensity that may appear. The green at the base of the card reminds you that the wisdom of peace energy and a clear mind is centered in your heart. 


The Knight of Disks in Body and Circumstances reminds you to claim your authority in all aspects of life. Remember to listen within and you will be able to respond to the rhythms of change through the wisdom of your body and the Earth.


The Queen of Cups in the position of Spirit reminds you to open your heart to receive the loving support of Source energy and your own Spirit. The more you receive that Light the more you are able to share it with the world.


The Lovers (lower front) in the position of What is Being Integrated is a strong affirmation of your ability to experience the power of choice in each moment. Hold curiosity and pay attention to what you can learn from all types of contrast and challenge.


The Nine of Cups, Happiness (not shown). This is an additional card that appeared with The Lovers.  It affirms the importance of cultivating happiness and joy in the present moment. This is key to managing the intensity of the current times. 


There’s lots of magic in this spread! WATCH THE REPLAY of my Full Moon message for more insights. 

The Power of Choice: Create Space for Joy

The activation point of the Full Moon chart is a T-square formed by Mars and the Full Moon.


The T-square represents a powerful point of choice, like a release valve to the intensity of new momentum. It creates an opportunity to take a personal action in order align with the creative energies that are being released. 


The symbol at 17 Gemini is of couples dancing at a harvest festival. As the activation point for the chart, this archetype represents the importance right now of prioritizing play and fun and celebration.


Happiness and joy are high frequency set points. They help us transcend uncertainty and connect with higher frequencies of inner guidance. 


The new momentum is powerful and deep. In order to remain balanced, remember first that the shifts we are experiencing are part of natural processes of life. There is nothing to fear!


As much as possible, find the choices in the moment that feel creative and fun. Whether big or small, practice making your choices from optimism and what inspires you and you will be in alignment with the flow of new creation.






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