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Gemini Lunar Eclipse: Poised for Breakthrough

Happy Full Moon!

Every Lunar eclipse offers each of us the opportunity for a quantum leap of growth.

During a Lunar eclipse, the Earth comes directly between the Sun and Moon, temporarily cutting off the Moon’s connection to the Sun.

When this happens our connection to time is momentarily suspended and a quantum field of opportunity is activated. A portal opens that enables each of us to expand in new ways beyond what would normally be possible.

Our current eclipse is unprecedented. 2020 represents the culmination of a huge cycle of time. Together now we’re bringing forward our entire year of growth, in order to integrate, and heal, and create real and lasting change in our world.

On the personal level, the quantum portal that opened with this eclipse brings new qualities of perception, new understandings, and new integration of your mind and emotions. This will help you to move through limitations, perceive new opportunities, and create new momentum in your life.

The tarot spread pictured here (and described in the video that follows) summarizes the opportunities, challenges and blessings held within this time.

You have the ability now to move through all types of perceived limitations, including long-standing patterns and persistent obstacles that have previously held you back.

You can access new capacities to pierce through distortions and misunderstandings, connect with new solutions, and access new realizations that may in the past have eluded you.

These new understandings will be related to your personal path as well as what’s happening in the world.

What matters most now is to connect firmly to your trust and faith in the path forward.

  • Use your tools to ground and set your boundaries, and then pay attention.
  • Hold curiosity. Observe and explore. Let go of preconceptions, reaching beyond what you expect to see.
  • Honor your feelings and emotions and use your tools of perception to focus on next steps for your personal path.
  • Above all, trust your heart. Follow the thread of what you calls you forward, and commit to the highest and best.

In this way you’ll be prepared to show up for whatever appears.

We are in a powerful process of new birth. There is magic in store.



PS – For more insights into our powerful eclipse, see Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon Astrology article.

Full Moon Message: Nov. 30 – Dec. 14



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