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New Choices, New Directions, New Creation

I hope that this message finds you well and thriving. I’m eager to share some favorite insights from the Sun’s movement through Gemini that can be helpful for the days ahead.


As we anticipate Wednesday’s Summer Solstice, and a powerful new activation of creative energy, we’re receiving new momentum,  new qualities of awareness, and new abilities to recognize the contrast between the energies of the light and the dark within our world.


The contrast we are experiencing is real, both in our daily lives and the world at large. Despite the intensity, this new awareness and sensitivity to your circumstances brings new opportunities to create. The current energies are bringing you access to new qualities of observation, focus and determination in order to access inspired new choices.

Gemini Theme: Discovering the Unity beyond Contrast

The tarot cards for Gemini pictured here express the new frequencies of consciousness that were activated by the Sun during our Gemini New moon.
The Lovers (center) represents the alchemy of consciousness and the unity of life that exists above and beyond our 3D experiences of duality and separation.
Gemini energy expands our consciousness so we can connect with higher wisdom and move beyond our inherited limitations of fear-based beliefs and cultural programming. The image in the card shows this expansion through the Great Marriage of union with your Spirit and Source. 
The Knight of Swords (right) is the court card for Gemini. It represents new qualities of personal mastery, as you use your consciousness to intentionally elevate your perspective beyond your current views and perceptions of reality.
The Knight is pictured flying above the material world . By moving to your heart (the Knight’s green armor) you are able to – literally – rise above limiting perceptions and access new opportunities for choice, beyond what you have ever seen before.
The Ace of Swords represents the pure power of Gemini’s Air element. This image pictures the activation of your higher Mind and illumination of new powers of perception. The green and yellow colors represent your embodied heart and inspired imagination.

These powers are REAL. Together we are creating a new world of abundant well being for us all.


Planetary Spread

This spread affirms the opportunity to experience your world with fresh eyes, through a balanced heart-centered perspective (Four of Swords, Truce) and the ability to focus on what inspires you (Ace of Swords).
Your Spirit is guiding you to trust in the wisdom of your heart (Six of Cups, Pleasure).

This is a time to fearlessly observe all types of contrast in order to see beyond the limitations of past perceptions and expectations.
Focus on what you desire and trust your visions of abundance (Ten of Disks, Wealth). In this way you will discover new opportunities to make personal choices from your own preferences and creative inspiration (The Princess of Swords).
Together we are creating a new world of abundant well being for us all. 
Please watch the New Moon message below for more insights. I also highly recommend this month’s New Moon astrology article for other important insights.

We have come for these times.  We are remembering who we are, we’re finding our teams, and together we’re creating our visions for the future.

There is much good in store. Trust your visions for a world aligned with freedom and abundance for all. 
This is a time to hold each other with tenderness and commit, over and over, to the gift of life and the power of the journey.


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