Greetings from Peru: Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart

Happy Full Moon!

I write this message while nestled in the Sacred Valley of Peru, the Land of Pachamama, our Mother Earth. As you celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend may you experience the loving support of family and friends and may you feel the truth of this beautiful world as your home.

This Gemini Full Moon is about expanding and strengthening your relationship with yourself and your life, through a willingness to feel deeply and explore new perspectives and new viewpoints.

In the coming days these new insights can enable you to understand your relationships and circumstances in ways you haven’t before. Commit to what has heart, stay curious, and be willing to let go of old ideas and beliefs.

The Gemini Full Moon occurred on Thursday, November 22nd, at 9:39 p.m. PST.

This month’s Full Moon tarot spread is unusually strong, composed of three major Arcana cards and an Ace. This indicates the opportunity for significant and positive change on a deep and lasting level.

The Hanged Man in the position of “Circumstances and Experience” points to the opportunity for expansion through new perspectives. There’s a requirement to let go. Be willing to see things in new ways and surrender to what you can learn in the moment.

The Empress in the position of “Mind and Awareness” speaks to the importance of feeling from your heart. The Empress teaches us about true compassion, and the ability to release judgement of ourselves and others, accepting what IS with love and appreciation. She teaches us what it means to have a strong heart. This is our true source of inner power.

These first two cards work together to strengthen your ability to show up fully, by trusting that you are supported in every moment, and owning what has heart and meaning for you.

The Chariot in the position of “Spiritual Support ” emphasizes the opportunity in the coming days to connect with new momentum on your path moving forward. This is your unique golden path aligned with your higher purpose, your “yellow brick road.”

The Ace of Cups in the final position of “Something Else to Consider” affirms the experience of a heart opening. You’re encouraged to trust and be willing to feel deeply. There’s something new in store. Especially if you’re able to show up with fresh eyes and an open heart and the willingness to learn.

There’s a great deal of positive potential in this spread. The energies are big. They’ll show up differently for every person. The external changes may be below the surface and not manifest right away. What matters now is your commitment to being present and willingness to trust.

Practice “seeing with the eyes of your heart.” The new momentum relies on I kind of objective awareness rather than analyzing, and a willingness to surrender old ideas and perspectives in order to see and understand in new ways.

Allow yourself to feel deeply. Imagine you’re seeing with your heart. Stay present to whatever shows up, and you’ll receive new perspectives and understandings. There’s nothing to figure out. Just hold space and allow the unfolding.

May the coming days hold abundant well being.

In Gratitude,


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