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Happy Lunar New Year! Aquarius New Moon

Happy New Moon!


Our Aquarius New Moon has brought fortunate opportunities for new beginnings.


This is a time when you can receive a fresh infusion of freedom, especially through to your connection to inner stability and inspiration. The Lunar New Year coincides with the New Moon, emphasizing these Aquarius energies of new beginnings.


This is a wonderful time to celebrate your blessings, sharing your abundance and your inspiration for the future.  

Aquarius Theme: Freedom from Within

The Star is the tarot card for Aquarius. This card shows your ability to receive the light of Source energy and the infinite potentials of Creation.


Aquarian energy is filled with inspiration, knowledge, stability, trust, and new understandings of your connection to all of Life.


The more you expand, the more you have access to the infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom, and infinite power to create.


These are the powers that lead to true freedom, inspiration to collaborate with others, and the exciting creations of the new Aquarian Age. 

Staying Balanced in Times of Change

The Fool represents Uranus and the Aquarian principles of freedom and new creation.


The Fool is shown here embracing the pure potential of life. He leaves the past behind. He’s emerging into a new field, fully present, with his feet off the ground.


His emerald green suit shows that his foundation rests in the strong wisdom of his heart. He faces the unknown future from a place of courage and confidence rather than fear.


This is a time to learn that ALL potentials lie within. In tarot this principle of infinite potential is shown by the Fool as the “0” of the deck. All of creation is held here, in the present moment of possibility.

The New Moon Spread

Knowing the significance of our new Aquarian energies, I drew cards asking, “What do we each need to know about next steps forward on our journey into new creation?”


As you work with the energies of these cards, it’s very important to imagine that the messages are coming directly from YOU, meaning from YOUR connection to Spirit and Source.


The only guidance that matters is what comes from within. Listen with your heart. Practice using the cards as a means of dialogue with your own guidance system.


The messages I offer here are simply suggestions and general principles intended to open your own connection to inner dialogue. Connect from your heart. What comes through for you is what matters.


The Knight of Swords (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness encourages you to seek new perspectives and choose your point of focus. Use your heart (green clothing) to shift. In this way you can fly above perceived limitations. 


Remember, what already exists is part of the past. Release those stories. Use your mind and your heart to shift and you’ll experience a new opportunity. 


The Five of Wands, Strive (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances affirms the presence of change. Strive means stress. It refers to intense energy during any unexpected event or challenge.


The central wand, topped by the loving outstretched wings of Ma’at holds the key. This reminds you that ALL situations of intensity hold a larger pattern of balance and wholeness. The way to release fear and stress is to find your balance within. 


The Eight of Wands, Swiftness (right) in the position of Spirit affirms the presence of support and stability during change. The lightning bolts show swift energies. You’re guided to allow those swift moving energies to flow through you, as you find your calm alignment within (the background octahedron).


The Rainbow affirms the blessings held in all processes of change.


The Star and Eight of Disks (top center) offer additional encouragement and practical suggestions for building stability and new momentum moving forward.


Please listen to my recorded New Moon message for more insights. 
You’ll find it on our brand new platform, Aquarian Age Tarot. Membership is free. Once you join you’ll have access to the recording from yesterday’s live stream. I’m excited to see you there!

The Freedom to Create Anew

The word “Creation” is my current personal theme for the year.  When I say “Creation,” I feel it in my heart. I expand, remembering that I AM a powerful Creator. The feeling of infinite Creation fills me with joy and freedom.


It reminds me that the past is (truly) over and that every moment is my new opportunity to create something new. 


Learning to shift our focus from the past is one of the biggest hurdles we face. This New Moon is an opportunity to break free of old security systems and limiting realities. 


Be prepared for unexpected change. As much as possible go within. Use your focus to shift your frequency to curiosity, neutrality and calm. From here your perspective can change and new creation, new solutions, new opportunities will emerge.


We’re doing this together. 


Trust the flow of inspiration and creation to signal that you are on the right track.


Trust your inner connection to calm quiet. Remember, neutrality signals that you are aligned Within.


From your neutral calm center you can access inspiration and joy, which will always guide you into your own next steps of New Creation.


Celebrate the new beginnings!


Much Love,


New Opportunities










































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