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Happy Solstice! The Potency of Light Awakens Within


Happy Solstice!

I’m really happy to connect with you on this very special day, as together we celebrate the potency of the new light that is awakening within us all.


Winter solstice is a quiet time. At each solstice the powers of day and night meet and new potentials of creation are generated. The light that is awakening now, during the longest night, is born within.


We can learn about tending our inner light from the quiet calm that infuses all of Nature at this time of year. The trees offer powerful wisdom. Their branches may be bare, yet within they are stronger than ever, filled with vibrant strength and power. The trees remind us now to nurture our inner light and tend to our life force so we can rejuvenate and prepare for the seasons of new growth to come.


Spend time each day outside, soaking in the vitality of Nature. Allow the sun’s rays to rejuvenate you. Spend time also in the night under the brilliant blanket of stars. In the quiet of the dark you can often more clearly feel the potency of new birth that is taking root inside.


Spend time with those you love. Express your appreciation, share your laughter, offer treasured memories and your inspiration for the days to come. Together we are bringing forward a new world.


What is the new birth that is taking root within you? What visions will you nurture with confidence and trust? What inspirations will you cultivate with tenderness and joy? I am eager to experience all of the beauty that you will be bringing to our world in the days to come.


In closing, I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to each of you for the all of the blessings you bring my life. I count myself among the luckiest on Earth to be able to walk this journey with you.

May you and your loved ones receive every blessing during this special season. I send heart-filled intentions for much happiness and joy as you bring your inspirations and visions forward into the dawn of the new day.


Here’s to the awakening of new light to our beautiful world.

Much Love,


Upcoming Opportunities in 2024

I have many exciting new plans in the works for the coming year, including new workshops, new programs and personal sessions.

I’ll be sharing updates very soon. In the meantime, I send intentions for a joy-filled and rejuvenating holiday season.  

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