Introduction to Dowsing

Introduction to Dowsing

Seattle, WA

This workshop will be offered in Spring of 2024.

Contact Elizabeth HERE to receive early notice when the next class is announced.

Strenthen Inner Guidance in Your Daily Life

The term ‘Dowsing’ refers to the natural ability we each have to connect with the infinite energy fields of information that exist all around and within us.


The practice of spiritual dowsing teaches you how to access and dialogue with these consciousness fields that exist within all of life. 


This retreat will attune you to your own dowsing guidance system and teach you the simple principles you need to apply this wisdom in your daily life. 


Elizabeth is a gifted dowser and she will be sharing the time-tested tools and techniques that enable you to develop these abilities for yourself. In this dynamic retreat you will:


  • Connect with your personal dowsing signal.
  • Learn the traditional dowsing protocols.
  • Receive techniques for strengthening your inner compass.
  • Understand how to read subtle energy fields.
  • Learn a variety of practical dowsing techniques and practices.

Hands-on Practice and Instruction

This retreat is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to develop these abilities throughout the rest of your life. 


Topics include:


  • How and why dowsing really works.
  • Basic programming and protocol with a pendulum.
  • The importance of frequency, grounding, and strong boundaries.
  • The role of surrender: How to accurately read and trust your dowsing signal.
  • The art of asking the ‘right’ question.

Practical Applications

Throughout the retreat you’ll learn and practice several key techniques. 


We’ll explore: 


  • Dowsing for health, such as with food,  water, and supplements.
  • Dowsing with your chakras and your energy system.
  • Dowsing personal questions and information.
  • Dowsing for decision making.
  • Dowsing with charts. Learn how to develop your own lists and charts for a variety of purposes.


Space Clearing Techniques

Elizabeth will share powerful practices  and techniques using prayer and blessing

to harmonize all forms of energies. 

You will learn how to use these effective practices to bless and heal:

Food and Water.


Your Home Environment.

Follow-up group coaching and dialogue will enable you to practice and explore these powerful healing tools in your daily life.


with Elizabeth Schermer

This high-level retreat is designed to meet many levels of experience, from complete beginners to intermediate dowsers who want to deepen and refine their practice.


Each participant will have the opportunity to submit questions and intentions in advance.


Tuition includes a 60-page manual with clear instructions, charts and techniques for developing your own dowsing practice.


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Schermer, The Alchemy Mystery School

Elizabeth Schermer is the founder and director of the Dendera Institute and the Alchemy Mystery School. 


She is a gifted energy healer, dowser, teacher and guide who is committed to supporting others on their highest path of purpose.


Elizabeth connected with her abilities as a dowser nearly 20 years ago. Since then it has become an integral part of her life, both personally and professionally.


It is her greatest privilege and joy to share this profound wisdom tool with others.

This Small Group Retreat is limited to only TEN participants, to ensure personal support and individual attention.


Cultivating Personal Sovereignty

This day is designed to give you practical and creative tools that will support and strengthen your connection to your highest purpose and your true Self. 


You hold the connection to abundant well being within. In the midst of great change, this retreat will show you how to use these simple practices to cut through all types of confusion and uncertainty. 


Truth, Freedom and Health are your birthright in this world. Register for this very special day and receive new tools and insights to bring fresh confidence, curiosity and joy to your journey.  




Date: Spring 2024 Dates Announced Soon

Time: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Seattle Sound Temple, 4300 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA.

  • Doors open 9:00 am.
  • Nutritious snacks and beverages are provided.
  • All workshop materials are included in your tuition.

Tuition: $225

All Materials Are Included

  • 60-Page Manual with charts, practices and clear protocols.
  • Guided activities for ongoing exploration.

  • Pendulums will be available for your use during the day. (There will also be a variety of pendulums available for purchase.)

Personal Support. The small group ensures personal attention. Upon registration you will have the opportunity to submit personal questions and intentions. 

Register Now

This Small Group Event is Limited to Only Eight Participants.

Register at the link above or email Elizabeth directly at 


Interested in future events? You can also email Elizabeth if you’re interested but unavailable on this date, and you will receive early notice for future offerings.


Additional logistics will be provided with your registration, including the opportunity to submit your questions and intentions for the retreat.


Cancellation. In the event that you need to cancel, refunds must be requested at least two weeks prior to the event.  After that time refunds are dependent on filling your spot from a waiting list. Transaction fees may also apply. There is a non-refundable $75 registration fee for all cancellations. 

Participant Feedback

Here’s what people said about the most recent workshop.

The dowsing workshop has filled me with new confidence in my ability to make clear decisions. I recently found myself needing to make a decision between two appealing choices. This is a common pattern so I found a great opportunity to seek guidance from my new dowsing practices. I used several of the protocols we have learned, including waiting to make a final decision until my signal shows that I have a strong connection to higher Self. The whole process left me with immense gratitude and a new dose of magic in my life. Thank you!
Mt. Vernon, WA
I had a really intense week of work, following the workshop, but I had my pendulum with me and spent a few minutes every day practicing and building my connection. I've had many miraculous breakthroughs in rigor and strength. I have experienced more ease in the midst of intensity, and found my self naturally and more easily making more healthy choices. Thank you so much! I'm already excited for the next class.
Seattle, WA
What a wonderful day spent learning such valuable new divination tools! I have new appreciation for the power of my dowsing practices. Thank you to everyone in the group for such warmth and communal feeling. And to Beth, thank you so much for so generously sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
Seattle, WA
I appreciate so much all the synchronicities and the feelings of familiarity coming up from this dowsing retreat. Since we met I have been filled with a quiet peace. I feel a deeper respect for the tools and practice, and a warm and spirited heart for what the world of service can bring. I feel much love for how dowsing can be used to connect what’s been disconnected, to listen more deeply, to see the wisdom of life in all, and hold blessings for that which blesses us. My immense gratitude to you all. And thank you, Beth, for sharing your wisdom and devotion.
Portland, OR

Are you interested in future offerings?

Contact Elizabeth HERE to receive early notice when the next Dowsing class is announced.

You can also email her directly at


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