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Leo Full Moon: It’s Breakthrough Time!

Happy Full Moon!


The Leo Full Moon is illuminating new awareness of what it means to show up fully to your life as a true individual.


Leo is ruled by the Sun, which activates your connection to the Light of your soul. 


This is a time to receive new inspiration. Be open to new opportunities for collaboration. Release unnecessary limitations, and be prepared to make new choices from your highest place of creative desire and joy.

Leo Theme: Owning Your Inner Light

The tarot card for the Leo Moon is called Lust, also known as Strength.


The word ‘Lust’ refers to deep and authentic joy and pleasure. This card represents your connection to the fire of your inner strength, your radiance and creative vitality, and your authentic Lust for life.


In this image of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty has faced her fears (the shadows that surround her). She has harnessed her will and embraced her courage (the Lion).  As she finds her strength within she is no longer afraid, and she and the Lion are turning into gold.


Beauty now prepares to emerge into the world. She holds aloft the flame of her illuminated spirit, fully expressing the radiant light of who she is in all of her glory.

Embodying the Light of the Soul

The zodiac polarity within the Leo Full Moon activates a powerful opportunity to embody our own light.

The Star represents our Aquarius Sun. The energy of Aquarius supports our soul’s light through expanded awareness and the inspiration of new creation.

Lust represents our Leo Moon. The energy of Leo goes within. It activates our connection to our soul through the strength of our inner light. Leo’s fire brings authenticity to the principles of Aquarius. The radiant energy of Leo’s individuality infuses Aquarian creation with the power of personal freedom and joy.  

The Full Moon Spread

Knowing the intensity of creative potentials in our Full Moon astrology, I asked for a spread that would help us understand how to receive and balance the new creation that is available.


The predominance of fire in this spread (4 of the 5 cards) affirms the presence of new creativity and strength of will.


The Ace of Wands (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness indicates a new birth within your awareness.


Wands is the suit of the will. The new birth of the Ace of Wands can be recognized through qualities of inspiration, joy, creativity, willpower and self-confidence.


The Four of Wands, Completion (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents an integration and letting go of the past.


Four is the number of form. The Four of Wands invites you to appreciate what has already been created and then, like the wheel, allow it to flow. By releasing your attachment to what has been, you are open to experience new directions. 


The Aeon (right) in the position of Spirit represents your clear connection to your Spirit and higher Self.


You have come to a new place of inner balance and trust in Life. The traditional name for this card is Judgment, meaning clear judgment. The new name, Aeon, represents your emergence into the new Aeon of the Aquarian Age.


The Fool (top, rear) represents liberation from the past and the unlimited power of new creation in the present moment.


The Fool is the card for Uranus, ruling planet of Aquarius. It’s appearing quite often now in our spreads, as an affirmation of expanded freedom and encouragement to remain strong as we move further into the new Aquarian Age.


The Seven of Wands, Valor (top, front) affirms the intensity of new creation.


It also affirms your capacity for courage as you participate in all of the new energies that this spread represents. You carry within all that you need to rise to the challenge.


For more insights into the spread, listen to my Leo Full Moon message on our new platform, Aquarian Age Tarot at Locals.com. 

It's Breakthrough Time!

This beautiful image of the Ace of Wands from the MotherPeace tarot deck perfectly expresses the joy and exhilaration of breakthrough to new creation.

When we release the past, old limitations are shattered and we expand into the infinite possibilities that are held within the present moment.

Align within. Pay attention to new sensitivity to your inner guidance and the golden thread of inspiration that guides you forward.

Inspiration is an indicator of alignment with your inner Being and Spirit. The more you trust your inspiration the more you are able to act in the moment, and release old stories and patterns of outdated beliefs and obligations.


The more you follow inspiration, through the guidance of your heart, the more your frequency increases, and the more of your own light you are able to hold in your body.

This is a time to receive the light of your dreams and your heart’s true calling. Give yourself permission to let go of that which no longer inspires you.

Allow the Breakthrough. Rise to the Challenge. Nurture new Creation. Celebrate the gift of Life. 


Happy Full Moon!




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