Leo Full Moon: Shine Your Light!

Happy Full Moon!


Our Leo Full Moon is bringing the opportunity to connect more fully to your inner strength and the courage to be your true Self. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so this Full Moon is fueled by the brilliant Light of Leo’s solar consciousness of personal freedom, creativity and inspired will to be true to yourself. 

As you ponder the qualities of the Leo Moon, you may want to hold curiosity for the following questions.

  • How would it feel to really experience your creative potential?
  • What would change if you completely focused on following your higher Self?
  • What if you could tap into the confidence to boldly express your brilliance in your daily life and in this way offer your true Self to the world?  

This is the time to express what it means to be a true individual. These are the possibilities available to you now and this is the promise of the Leo Full Moon.

The Power to Be Your True Self

The tarot card for Leo is known as Strength. It’s also called “Lust” in the Thoth deck which is shown here.

Lust refers to “lustre,” to the brilliance and vitality of the true Self that emerges from the cultivation of your inner divine flame.

In this image of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty has claimed her power. She is no longer bound by the shadows of past fear and limitation that have surrounded her.

The lion represents her solar consciousness, her Christ self. As she faces her fears she owns her own divinity. As she realizes the lion is part of her, the flame of her true Being rises, and she emerges into the world.

This card represents the process of owning your inner radiance and awakening to your true Self.

This Full Moon and the days to follow are a time to make a new connection to your own divine spark of Life, and claim the power and strength of the Light that you hold within. 

Leo's Courage in Times of Change

The Prince of Wands and Seven of Wands express the personal qualities of this Leo Moon.

The Prince of Wands is the Warrior of the Will. He is a true individual, fueled by inspiration to expand beyond limitation, and totally focused on moving toward his own creative visions of possibility.

This represents you, receiving a new connection to your creativity and will. You can move forward now, fueled by your commitment to the guidance of your inner light (the Lion who pulls the chariot). 

The Seven of Wands, Valour represents the qualities of bravery and courage that are called upon in order to face the uncertainty of change.

In this card, the central wand is vibrating with intensity, while the remaining six wands behind are aligned and stable. This represents the personal stability and power you possess to face all forms of challenge, through your creativity, courage and inner strength.

The Full Moon Spread

Knowing the unique opportunities of the Leo Moon, I asked for a spread to affirm what we each need to know in order to connect with these potentials.

This spread is ‘off the charts’ in terms of the synchronicity of the cards, and the accuracy and alignment with the potentials of this time. (And, yes, I really DO just shuffle the deck and pull the cards!) 

The synchronicities of this spread affirm the very real opportunity now to make a positive shift on your path forward.

First Impressions

Before looking at specifics, take a few moments to feel the fiery (Leo) energy of this spread. Note the appearance here of the cards for Leo, which we already discussed. (The fiery Three of Wands is also tied to the Seven of Wands, which we talked about earlier.)

As you feel the creative vitality of this spread, move your attention to the center where all of this energy is gathered and grounded through the Queen of Disks. 

The Queen of Disks (center) in the position of Mind represents your ability now to make good choices in alignment with what best serves you. The Queen is master of the physical world. She is committed to nourishment and self care. She has left the past behind (the barren desert) and has entered a new place of abundant well being.  

This card has been prominent in our recent Lunar spreads. In astrology she reflects Capricorn, which is very important energy right now for the healing of our world. The Queen speaks to a new ability to transcend external controls so you can own your well being and make good decisions for yourself, both now and moving forward. 

The Three of Wands, Virtue (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents your ability to use your will to make good choices for yourself and others. This is Sun in Aries, which speaks to the pioneering spirit of Leo and the inspiration of new beginnings. 

What would it mean to have the confidence to truly follow your heart? To truly honor your commitments to yourself and live without fear, from the integrity (Virtue) of what you value?

The Lust card (right) in the position of Spirit affirms this potential to live from your truth, and the opportunity you have now to burn through old fears and perceptions of limitation.

The fear of change runs deep. This card in the position of Spirit reminds you to ask for help when you need it. There is more support available than you can imagine.

The Prince of Wands (upper center) in the position of Something Else to Consider, is the ‘Yes’ of the spread. YOU are the Warrior, illuminated, inspired, creative and filled with courage, moving forward to the future with focus and determination to succeed.

All of this fire could be overwhelming, but the Queen of Disks says that you have the wisdom, confidence and inner strength you need to keep your balance.

She reminds you that when things feel big, or confusing or overwhelming, simply remember to ground and move within. Place your focus in your heart, take a breath, and you will see the next step on your path forward.

You have the power now to create a new future filled with health, vitality and well being, for yourself and others.

Our Time has Come

Each Lunar cycle holds a particular opportunity for healing and new growth, and each cycle builds upon the last. Through this process the Universe is supporting you abundantly, with all you need to face the changes and challenges of this time.

Remember that you have the ability, by connecting within, to make good decisions for yourself through new creative inspiration and focus. 

Align within to the voice of authority and love. Take your attention away from outer disturbance. Don’t listen to those who would separate us and divide through fear. 

We are here to help give birth to a new age of humanity. Together, by the simple actions of our daily lives, we contribute to this time of awakening. 

In practical matters, this is a time to commit to the power of focus and choice.

Set the intention now and in the coming days to cultivate your inner flame of inspiration. It can be as simple as connecting with the Sun. Use your imagination to breathe in the Sun’s golden light. Allow it to flow through you, and feel it activate your own vitality and will, strengthen your solar plexus (inner Sun), and feed the divine flame within your heart. 

Through your focused connection you can cut through distraction and ask to see the next steps forward. Trust your guidance and call on courage (when necessary) to step away from what you’ve known so you can create something new. 

These are days of hope. Inspiration for the future comes through each of us, as we move forward together, step by step.

It’s time to shine!
Thank you for all of the Light you are bringing to our world.




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