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Libra Full Moon: Expanding Your Participation in Life

Happy Full Moon!


Our Libra Full Moon is bringing you the opportunity to receive expanded perspectives in all of the circumstances and relationships of your life.


The Aries New Moon two weeks ago initiated a powerful process of transformation and healing by activating new qualities of personal courage, vitality and willpower. 


Now at the midpoint of the Lunar cycle, the Libra Moon is contributing an elevated perspective to enable you to perceive beyond what you have seen and understood before.


This Full Moon can help you experience new connections in all of your circumstances. You can see the meaning of things beyond surface appearance, and expand into a renewed sense of purpose and participation in life.

Libra Theme: Authentic Participation

The Adjustment (Justice) card in tarot represents the Libra Full Moon.


The images here express the process of coming into dynamic balance in all relationships and circumstances in life through the power of inner alignment.


The Priestess in this image illustrates this principle of inner alignment, as she balances her entire being on the point of the sword of Truth.


The sword of Truth symbolizes intuitive clarity through personal alignment with cosmic wisdom and order. This represents you, now, with a new ability to come into balance with all of the circumstances and relationships in your life.


The key is to remain flexible, focused, and willing to surrender control, in order to receive the support that comes from your commitment to the perspectives of higher Truth. 


Libra is an air sign, connected to your intuitive mind, and very expansive by its nature.  This quality of inner alignment (“Adjustment”) brings expanded perspectives in all types of relationship. The blue and green colors of the card show the spiritual connection between Truth and Love and the willingness to surrender to something than larger than yourself.

Expanded Perspectives

The Queen of Swords is the court card for Libra.


She represents your ability to transcend limiting perspectives in order to experience a bigger picture understanding of the meaning of your relationships and circumstances.


This Full Moon holds an objective perspective that can help you rise above personal triggers and emotions in order to connect with others through an expanded view of life.


The Queen has removed her mask. She reveals herself and she is willing to see things as they are. She holds the sword of higher truth. Her radiant crown shows her ability to see the good and true in herself and others and live from this perspective.



The Four of Swords, Truce, is the minor arcana card for the Full Moon. “Truce” represents an integrated mind. This card holds practical teachings that help us learn to cultivate authentic balance with our circumstances.


The central lotus flower represents expanded consciousness. By coming to “Truce” (balance) from inner alignment you connect with larger spiritual frequencies and expand what is possible in your life. 

The Four-Step Process to a Balanced Mind

The following four steps show a personal practice that can help you cultivate balance in all relationships in your life.  This practice is sometimes called the “Four Fold Way.”


  • Show up in the present moment.
  • Pay attention to what has heart and meaning.
  • Speak your truth without blame or judgment.
  • Surrender attachment to outcome. 

The fourth step of surrendering attachment is key. In order to be fully present to life we must learn to fully show up. At the same time we must also let go of what we have known or expect to see. 


When we show up with strong hearts, willing to surrender to the moment and committing to higher Truth, we can experience new possibilities, new realities, and new solutions to our problems. 


The ability to surrender allows you to transcend all forms of limitation. This Full Moon is a time to harness the courage you need to rise above your current perspectives and see what is possible from a new vantage point.

The Full Moon Spread: April 16-30

Knowing the potentials for transformation during the current Lunar cycle, I asked for a spread that would offer practical guidance to support our expansion.


This spread beautifully expresses the opportunity you have now to harness courage and willpower in order to receive new insights and understandings through all types of relationships.


By showing up with confidence, while committing to the best and releasing attachment, you will expand into new perspectives and be able to participate in new ways with all of the creations in your life.


The Three of Wands, Virtue (center) in the position of Mind and Awareness represents your willingness to show up. Virtue is about the courage to be fully authentic and true to yourself.


By using your willpower and inner strength you will find the confidence you need to choose your own vantage point, no matter the challenge.


The astrology of this card is Sun in Aries, and this was the minor arcana card for the Aries New Moon. This emphasizes your ability now, at the Full Moon, to activate new confidence and courage through the momentum of the current cycle.  



The Princess of Swords (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances affirms a fresh start. She wields the Queen’s sword of Truth. The Princess is no longer bound by limiting thoughts and beliefs from the past. This is symbolized by the crumbling altar behind her. 


She steps with courage into the future, guided by her strong heart and inspired imagination, shown by the emerald green and yellow colors in the card.


The Princess in the spread is you. Engaged fully in your life. you are no longer tied to the past or to what others expect you to be. You have the determined inspiration and courage to step out and participate authentically, led by the power of your own inner guidance.



The Magician (right) in the position of Spirit represents a new connection to the Universe and the powers of creation.


This is a time to speak to what inspires you. Like the Princess, the Magician in this image is emerging from the past into a new frontier. 


You are no longer bound by what has been. You are experiencing new inspiration and new realizations of what is possible. Stay balanced within and you will be guided forward.



The Aeon (Judgment) (top center) affirms the importance of this time and the larger processes of Awakening in which we are engaged.


The figure in this card represents your authentic Self, fully embodied, with clear sight and judgment. You are balanced and grounded in the present moment, connected to the past and future with confidence and courage.


In astrology this is the card for Pluto, which holds a key position in our Full Moon chart. Pluto represents total transformation through connection to cosmic order.


The Two of Disks, Change (center, horizontal) represents what is being integrated. The image of the oraborus figure 8 shows a new ability to stay in balanced flow during all types of change and uncertainty. 


Through the powers of inner balance and authentic alignment you can experience new harmony with the unfolding circumstances of your life.


As life flows and unfolds you stay aligned, confident and inspired. The current process of inner alignment and participation is expressed by the lower three cards of the spread.

Inspired New Perspectives

This Full Moon represents a time of new opportunity.


We are being guided, moment by moment, day by day, week by week, into new realizations and understandings about each other and our world. 


The forces of change surround us. Confusion and distortion are being used to create chaos and amplify the effects of change through fear, thus clouding our ability to see.


The antidote to fear, confusion and chaos lies within.


This Full Moon is a time to use your power of choice and your trust in higher wisdom. Take a breath. Move within. Here you will find your balance.


Let go of what you expect to see. By letting go you can climb higher and shift your perspective to receive a new, more expanded point of view. 


Like the Princess of Swords we are each emerging from the past into new awareness of the vast realms of creation and possibility that lie before us.


You can use your commitment to your self to find your balance. Take a breath. Move within. This moment holds all that you need to find the next step.


May the coming days be filled with new creative solutions, new insights and inspired connections, and new opportunities for healing for us all.


Happy Full Moon!

Much Love,



Upcoming Opportunities

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