Libra Full Moon: Balance from Within

Happy Resurrection Day!

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This morning the Sun rose at 1º Aries, and so today we can really FEEL the new energies that arrived with the Spring Equinox yesterday afternoon.

I call this “resurrection day” because with today’s sunrise the Sun starts his new journey around the wheel of the year. This is truly a day of new beginnings and the celebration of life.

As the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Aries there is a renewed sense of self. We are emerging, like tender shoots breaking through the soil and catching our first rays of light.

This is a tender time! We must each be compassionate with ourselves and others, as we allow for the vulnerability of what is new to emerge.[spacer height=”20px”]

Influence of the Full Moon

Wednesday’s spring equinox was accompanied by the Full Moon in Libra, which has created some unusually strong signatures.

In tarot Libra is represented by the Adjustment (Justice) card. This symbol can help us understand how the Libra Moon is illuminating and activating our fresh start through the principle of balance and alignment with inner truth.

We’re being called to be authentic, to pay attention, and to choose intentionally with whom and what we’ll align.

There are a couple of other significant astrological signatures affecting us this week. First, Mercury retrograde is moving into conjunction with Neptune on March 24th, which for some of us is creating a sense of fogginess and daydream quality to life. Normal intellectual functions can feel offline.

Neptune is allowing us to reprogram on a deep level, and Mercury is assisting. To take advantage of the fuzziness, know that this is a time to tap into your imagination and deeper sense of knowing. This is a great time to find ways to make space for quiet and unstructured time. Meditation, dreaming, and quiet walks are some of the ways you can allow things to percolate and flow.

If you can relax your mind into soft focus, Mercury will help you perceive new details in what is dissolving and what is being born anew, either in your own persona or in the world around you.

Another unusual signature is Chiron’s conjunction this week with the Sun at 4° Aries. This is directly activating our desire to fully show up for our purpose as we move forward into the new season of birth. Chiron illuminates what needs to be healed, so for some of us this solar connection is activating feelings of inadequacy or fear of failure, perhaps leading us to question whether we’ll succeed in those things that really matter. If you’re being affected in this way, know that this is part of your healing journey. These fears are being illuminated now precisely so they can see the light of day and be claimed as part of your power.

The bottom line is that now, more than ever, we need to show up in all our glory, trust our inner truth, and love each other fiercely.

Happy New Birth,


PS – Scroll down to see my Full Moon video message. Here’s Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon astrology article: Finding Your Place in the World.[spacer height=”20px”]

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