Libra New Moon: Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong

The Libra New Moon occurred on Monday, October 8, at 8:47 pm PDT.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. “

This beautiful passage by Rumi beautifully expresses the possibilities available to us now. With the Libra New Moon we are receiving new opportunities for personal healing, specifically by healing our relationships with others.

We can expand into new experiences of connection and support this coming month, especially when we show up for whatever is out of harmony or alignment in our personal relationships.

It’s easy to notice misalignment. Recent events on the world stage have illuminated the painful realities of relationship imbalance. For many this has reactivated the traumas we have faced, personally and as a human family.

What matters now is the opportunity for personal and collective healing. This New Moon is bringing new access to your emotional guidance and new awareness that can lead to healing, repair, and the building of deeper stronger connections.

In tarot the Libra Moon is represented by the Adjustment card (also known as Justice). The quality of Adjustment is important here. This has to do with principles of intentional relationship and inner truth, learning to navigate the dynamic balance between self and other, between your inner world and your outer reality.

Knowing this theme of relationship repair and emotional healing, I have been meditating on the words “reparation” and “reconciliation” as powerful practices to adopt this month. True reparation is a radical form of forgiveness in which we transcend past conflict and build new connections. This is about choosing alignment. In doing so, by showing up to what is uncomfortable, claiming our truth and owning our experience, we help each other heal what has been broken.

The simplest practices are often the most profound. One such practice is the Kahuna practice of Ho’oponopono. This spiritual tradition is anchored in the belief that all illness stems from some form of imbalance in relationships. Healing is the result of returning to balance within and making one’s peace with what was disrupted. (For those who are new to Ho’oponopono, I’ll be writing more about this soon.)

Reconciliation is a radical path to personal freedom. When we truly understand our relationships as a mirror of our own inner growth, we are able to show up at a new level to all of Life. The healing expands in waves far beyond what we can even know.

What we do for ourselves we do for the world. This is true Alchemy in action.

May your coming days be filled with grace, harmony, and loving kindness. May we show up for each other and the beauty that lies hidden deep within us all.


P.S. The following intuitive reading offers practical insights and guidance for the days ahead. I also recommend Steven Shroyer’s Libra New Moon astrology article.

Libra New Moon: Oct. 8 – Nov. 7

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