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Libra New Moon – Living from Your Joy

Happy New Moon!


I’m so happy to be connecting with you today on the eve of a powerful New Moon. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve sent a Lunar message. My absence was for good reason, as I was guided to take some personal time this summer for rejuvenation, reflection and play. 

I’m back now to life in full swing, invigorated and inspired for the next steps of our adventure. As a result of my retreat, I’m feeling inspired and reconnected to my passion for life. 

I hope these first days of fall find you, too, inspired to bring yourself fully into your own amazing life. Our Libra New Moon is designed to help you do just that.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 3 degrees Libra is “The Dawn of a New Day reveals everything changed.” This New Moon is about transcending old perceptions of limitation in order to live fully in the beauty and infinite potential of the present moment.

Libra Theme: Living from Inner Truth

The tarot card for the zodiac sign of Libra is called ‘Adjustment’. This card is also known as Justice in other tarot decks.

This card represents your ability to come into balance with all circumstances and relationships in your life from the strength of your inner alignment.

Adjustment represents equilibrium, flexibility, and expansion through the power of your connection to inner guidance. The principle of inner truth is represented by the sword, on which the priestess is balanced.  The scales of justice are held through her crown chakra, representing her trust in her higher self.

This is not a static image. It takes enormous strength to continually return to center, no matter what happens around you.

The spiritual principle of justice portrayed here requires willingness to take responsibility for our circumstances. Responsibility (“response-ability”) is about responding to life, moment to moment, without fear, worry or guilt.

The priestess is flexible and strong, as she remains poised and engaged in the unfolding of life, both within and without. These are qualities available to you with this Lunar cycle.


The New Moon Spread

Knowing our opportunities for creative expansion, I pulled a spread asking for guidance for all who receive this message.

The Prince of Swords (bottom center,) in the position of Mind and Awareness, represents a new ability to move forward in life from the wisdom of your heart. Swords are the suit of the mind, and the Prince represents your ability to drop the thoughts in your head into your heart, so you can respond to life from your inner truth, rather than the thoughts of what happened in the past or worry about the future. The brilliant yellow represents your imagination and illuminated awareness. 

The Ace of Swords (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances affirms a new appreciation for the creative birth that exists in every moment. This is the same Ace on which the Priestess is poised in the adjustment card.

The Four of Wands, Completion, (right) in the position of Spirit represents the support that is available now to help you integrate all of the circumstances of life in order to move forward into the new day.

Adjustment (top center) appeared in the fourth position of the spread, representing what is being integrated. This synchronicity affirms your ability to trust the opportunity of this time. 

Living from Your Inspiration

I spent a lot of time in the mountains this summer, hiking, camping and backpacking. Being in the mountains nourishes my spirit and it’s one of my greatest joys in life.

I ended the summer making a promise to myself that moving forward I will always honor my time in Nature.

I also have promised myself that, moving forward, I will make my inspiration and joy a priority each moment and each day. My intention is to make decisions and take actions by following my thread of inspiration

These first days of fall are a great time for each of us to recommit to those activities that nourish our inspiration and bring us joy. The more we learn to live, moment by moment, in the power of our inspiration the more we step into our true Self.

This is one of the prime opportunities of our Libra New Moon.

It is a privilege to be alive during this pivotal time in the history of our world. Despite the challenges, there is much beauty in our lives. May your coming days be filled with joy and inspiration.

Happy New Moon!

Much Love,


  • New Moon Astrology. For more insights into this beautiful New Moon, see Steven Shroyer’s article. Change is in the Air: Libra New Moon Astrology Report.
  • Personal Energy Sessions. I’ll be available throughout to fall for personal sessions. I’m inspired to connect with you and help you align more fully to your own inspiration and joy. Fall sessions are offered over the phone and in-person. Schedule your personal energy sessions HERE.
  • Upcoming Classes and Events. I have several new projects in the works which I’ll be announcing in the upcoming days. Watch your inbox for details:)
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