Libra New Moon: The Birth of New Opportunity

Happy New Moon!
The Libra New Moon occurs on Friday, October 16th at 12:31 pm PT.

I’m so happy to connect with you on this special day.

Our Libra New Moon holds incredible promise. This is a time to bring forward all that you are and all that you have become in order to expand into new possibilities and potentials.

The energies of our Libra Moon are offering you new perceptions and new qualities of creativity so you can see new paths and new options for moving forward.

You can transcend external conflict and confusion in order to find your own middle way, in alignment with inner guidance and the visions of possibility that are calling you.

We are on a path of rapid evolution. The challenges of this year have built new muscles and strengthened your spiritual tools.

This is a time to integrate your inner tools of courage, inspiration, appreciation and trust.

Tarot Cards for the Libra New Moon

The three upright cards represent the astrology for our New Moon.

The central card, Adjustment, represents your ability to become a full participant in your life through new expanded qualities of awareness and empowered choice.

The left card, the Four of Swords, Truce, represents your ability to use your spiritual tools in practical ways. “Truce” refers to coming to equanimity with your circumstances. (See the video for an explanation of the Four Fold Way practice embedded here.)

The right card, the Queen of Swords, represents new qualities of perspective and heart-centered insight. You are free now to reveal your personal truth, with new discernment to see the truth around you.

The horizontal card pictured here is the Ace of Disks. This represents a new beginning. It appeared as the final card in our New Moon tarot reading, which is included in the video message below.

The Ace of Discs affirms that you’re in a place of new birth and enormous new potential.

The New Moon message that follows shows our remarkable astrology chart and our New Moon tarot spread.

You’ll learn why this is such a unique time, and you’ll receive strategic tools and practices for setting your intentions and moving forward this coming month.

This is a day to celebrate all that we are and all that we can be.

The opportunity of this New Moon lives within.

New birth is real.



New Moon Message: Oct. 16 – Nov. 15


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