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Walking the Beauty Way: Sun in Taurus (Part 2)

I’m happy to connect with you on this beautiful spring day as we and all of nature receive an infusion of vibrant beauty and love.


This month of Taurus is one of my favorite times of the year. The earthy energies of Taurus connect us to the healing energies of nature, especially inner strength, freedom and the deep vitality of love. While the Sun is in Taurus (now through May 21) we can more easily receive these energies and feel them within our own bodies.


In the spring I’m inspired to work with the Sun each day to help me more fully connect to the healing power of nature. I’m happy to share with you here some of my personal reflections in the hope that they will inspire you, too, to receive the healing power of love that’s available to us now. 

Sun in Taurus: The Healing Power of Beauty and Love

The Queen of Disks in the Osho tarot beautifully expresses the qualities of beauty and love that are available to us now. 

The Queen represents your ability to live in abundant well being, shown by the rich colors of nature and luxurious flowering of life. She is dressed in green and wears a necklace with the symbol of Venus over her heart, symbolizing the power of the heart, and the strength to live from the beauty of what we value.


Venus rules Taurus, representing the Love of the light that is held within all of nature. This love associated with Venus is embodied, strong and real. This is not emotional or superficial love. This is the truth of the Love that flows from Source, gives birth to all of life, which then becomes expressed through all of the beautiful forms of the material world.


With the Sun in Taurus you can connect directly to this healing power of Love. Like the “Flowering” of the Queen of Disks, the Sun’s light will help you connect to  the inner strength of your heart, so you can trust your inner truth, and your ability to experience freedom, health and loving relationships.


What would it mean today to connect to the light within the beauty of nature, and open your heart to receive the healing power of love?

Navigating the Density of Form and Trusting in the Light

The elemental earth energies of Taurus enable us to experience our inner power by increasing the amount of light we are able to hold within our bodies. This is experienced from our hearts as inner knowing.


The Six of Disks, Success (left) pictures this quality of inner knowing from your heart. The success referred to here is an inner process of trusting what you know to be true before you ever see it appear in physical form.


This card reminds us that creation in the physical world always happens in our consciousness first. You can strengthen your ability to trust through the positive qualities of Taurus which include: living in the present moment, feeling the qualities of freedom and personal truth that you hold within, and letting go of attachments to the past.  


The Six of Disks, Compromise (right) reminds us how we limit our ability to create when we are impatient or feel we have adjust our inspiration by conforming to circumstances, fears or limiting beliefs about what is possible. The compromise card reminds you to not to limit what inspires you. Just as seeds beneath the earth need time to grow, you’re reminded to be patient and allow the processes of life to nurture new creation. 


Slow Down to Go Fast

The phrase “Slow Down to Go Fast” has become one of my personal favorite daily mantras. Although at first this statement may appear to be an oxymoron, it actually expresses a deep truth. 


The urgency of time is an illusion. The more we slow down, the more we are able to move into our hearts and experience the spaciousness of the present moment. This is where true creation happens. This principle of slowing down is an important part of earth energy, shown here the Prince of Disks, which is the traditional court card for Taurus.


The Prince of Disks, Slowing Down, reminds you of the strength, wisdom and vitality that is held within the present moment. The more you slow down, the more you’re able to enter into this spaciousness, which exists outside of time. 


In this image the turtle moves slowly and surely, trusting in the blessings that are present, shown by the rainbow of light, which both surrounds him and is mirrored within his own body. When we live in the present moment, like the wise turtle, there is no need for urgency. The present holds all we need. There is no past or future. There is only the eternal now, filled with unlimited potential and creative possibility.  

Walking the Beauty Way

I woke in the morning a few days ago and looked out my front window to see this fragile carpet of cherry blossoms blanketing the ground with their miraculous color.


I took this picture to remind myself of the power of choosing to see the Beauty in each moment. What the image doesn’t capture is the way that the blossoms are falling around me like snow. This experience for me perfectly expresses the principles of the Beauty Way that I’ve been pondering this spring.


The Navajo people are associated with the tradition of the Beauty Way, which is expressed in many different versions of the “Blessing Way Prayer,” including this excerpt from the Anasazi museum at Chaco Canyon.

In beauty may I walk.

All day long may I walk.

Through the returning seasons may I walk.

On the trail marked with pollen may I walk.

With grasshoppers about my feet may I walk.

With dew about my feet may I walk.

With Beauty may I walk.

With Beauty before me may I walk.

With Beauty behind me may I walk.

With Beauty above me may I walk.

With Beauty beneath my feet may I walk.

With Beauty all around me may I walk.

All is completed in Beauty.

We are reminded here that Beauty is held in the moment. In the precious eternal now. Each moment holds the beauty of the creation that surrounds us as well as the precious nature of each breath of life. The more we are able to release our focus on the past and the future, the more we can open our hearts to the precious healing power of Love.


May your days be filled with Beauty. Step by precious step. 

Much Love,

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