Lunar Eclipse Message: Rising from Within

Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!


The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse was on Wednesday, May 26th at 4:14 am, PDT.


The Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius offers each of us a powerful activation of possibility.

This is an amazing time to release the past and step into new beginnings. In the coming days you will have a new capacity to let go of whatever doesn’t serve you and anchor your visions of inspiration and heart-felt potentials for the future.

Eclipses activate what is normally hidden from sight. They disturb established norms and open our perceptions beyond what we expect to see. During the eclipse season these energies are especially potent, enabling you to connect directly to quantum fields of potential. Possibilities for growth and new creation expand far beyond the usual constraints of time and space.

The quantum field of our current eclipse is activating an acceleration of consciousness. On a personal level you can experience new qualities of healthy individuality and personal authority. You can transcend the past through new spiritual understandings of your place in the wholeness of life.

This is a time to give yourself permission to feel deeply and then take responsibility for what comes to the surface.  Huge shifts are possible, including the healing of long-standing patterns of limitation. This is true especially for individuals and small groups who are aligned through spiritual principles of holism and higher truth.

Together in the coming days and weeks we can take quantum leaps forward. 

On this most auspicious day of new beginnings I send much love, with heart-felt intentions and prayers for well-being and health to you and your loved ones. 

I look forward to connecting again in two weeks with the Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend and a restful holiday.

Much Love,


PS – For more specifics on this inspiring Full Moon, read Steve Shroyer’s Lunar Eclipse article, “Re-defining What it Means to Rise to the Occasion.



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