Lunar Eclipse Tarot: The Shadow Comes to Light

Happy Full Moon!

The Leo Lunar Eclipse was at 5:37 am Wednesday, January 31.

This Lunar Eclipse is creating a huge opportunity for growth.

For many of us (including yours truly:) the activation from the eclipse is bringing up complex feelings and some discomfort.

I woke up today feeling extraordinarily vulnerable. Emotional and bit teary. Even though I understand what’s happening in Big Picture, and how positive it is, on a personal level the discomfort is still real.

It’s time for what’s been hidden to come to light.

Believe me, this is not always a comfortable process! Eclipses offer the opportunity for us to make quantum leaps forward, beyond what would normally be possible. For the coming three and a half weeks, you can make huge strides.

What is it that you no longer wish to carry? What are the patterns in your life that limit your expansion? If you pay attention they’ll be visible.

The expansion signature of this eclipse is about releasing limiting patterns. In the coming days subconscious habits and beliefs will emerge. It may feel like “old business” coming back to haunt you, patterns that you thought you’d already dealt with. These may include emotional triggers, bad habits, reactionary responses, sadness and fatigue.

In tarot we call these “Bardo” signatures. The Tibetans use the word Bardo to describe the place where we dwell when we’re between worlds. When our shadow patterns emerge, such as worry, fear, anger, and futility, we step into the Bardo world. It’s a sign that there’s something to learn and heal and an opportunity for rebirth.

Let me be clear: This Lunar eclipse is NOT about fear or negativity. This is about seeing clearly what’s already there.

This eclipse is giving you access to hidden patterns that, up until now, have limited your growth.

As I said, the process may not be entirely comfortable. You may feel extraordinarily vulnerable. There may not be a specific or logical reason for what you’re feeling so strongly. In this case vulnerability is good. It means the healing is happening.

Your job is to Show Up to the present moment; to Breathe and pay attention from your Heart; to speak the Truth of the highest and best that you see and feel; and then to let go and Trust that the Universe has your back.

Above all, this is a time to be kind to ourselves and others.

We are all doing the best we can and we’re in this together.

I hope that this eclipse message helps to give a context to the complexity you may be experiencing and helps to illuminate the opportunities available for healing and expansion.

With Love,


Here’s Steven Shroyer’s astrology article for more specifics.

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