Eclipse Update: Showing Up for Twists and Turns

What a wild week it’s been!

We’re each receiving a huge dose of creative energy and vitality from last Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse. Every day is filled with new adventure, some of it completely unexpected. On the surface, some of this ‘adventure’ also appears in the guise of problems or conflict.

I won’t sugar coat it, I’ve had my share of twists and turns this week. What was different was that I was able (usually!) to stay present and calm, even in circumstances that have been stress triggers in the past. I kept reminding myself that the Universe has my back, that things always work out for me in the end, and that the Source within me ALWAYS feels good, no matter what is happening on the outside.

I’ve known and believed these truths for a long time, yet this week I found myself practicing them – in the moment – on a new level. When I was able to stay present and simply observe with curiosity what was happening, rather than jump to conclusions or react, I was actually energized. And happy. And calm. Perhaps even better, those times when I lost my balance and stepped into stress or worry or disappointment I was able to regain  my alignment more quickly.

This eclipse marks another growth spurt, another opportunity for a leap in evolution. The growth happens moment by moment, step by step. The more we’re able to stay present (and calm!) in the midst of the intensity, the more we will be able to step into the momentum and ride the wave of new birth.

Courage and compassion. Laughter. Joy. Patience. Trust. These are the words I hear in my Heart when I move inside and ask for guidance. What words does your heart speak to you?

Above all, remember that the Universe always has your back.

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Eclipse Message,Part Two, January 20 – February 18

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