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Nature’s Miracle: Tending the Seeds of the Future

Happy Holidays!

The Season of Inner Light

These days following the winter solstice are a potent time to receive energies of new light and new creation.  The potentials for new creation are being generated deep within all of nature, as well as the center of your own being. Because the energies are so new and internal, it’s especially important to slow down and make space for quiet so you can be present to the light that is growing within.  


So… In the midst of the fullness of daily life, I encourage you to set aside time during these precious days for quiet, rest and rejuvenation. I’m inspired to connect with you here today to offer personal reflections during my own days of quiet rest and rejuvenation. 

The Potency of Inner Light

The tarot cards shown here express personal qualities of inner mastery that are available to us with the Sun’s activation of the Capricorn-Cancer polarity during this week’s Full Moon.


The most significant aspect of these two cards is that they both represent the generation of new qualities of inner light.


The Queen of Disks represents Capricorn and cardinal earth. The Queen is connected deeply to nature and she experiences the light in all of creation. She is inspired to build new creations that are infused with harmony and abundance for all. She has left the limitations of the past and has claimed her authority to create a verdant world, both within and without.


The Queen of Cups represents Cancer and cardinal water. The Queen of Cups lives fully through her heart and her intuitive, feeling nature. The Queen sees the highest and best in herself and others. She has the gift of receptivity, holding space and surrendering to the fullness of potential that is held within the present moment.


Working together, these cards beautifully express the complementary nature of the energies that are available to us now. 


The Queen of Disks receives intuitive balance from the Queen of Cups to help decide what to build and how to make good decisions moving forward. By connecting to her heart and feeling nature, she is able to focus in the clarity of the present moment, rather than getting bogged down in details or density of the past.


The Queen of Cups receives practical support from the Queen of Disks to help sort through all of her feelings and stay grounded and present. By paying attention to the tangible qualities in her body and circumstances she is able to express her intuitive feelings in concrete and practical ways. 


These complementary qualities of the inner light of the Queens can help us focus on the new energies that are available now. By connecting within to your heart, and paying attention to your intuitive feelings, you can make clear decisions and take practical steps within the creative potential of the present moment. 

Tending the Seeds of the Future

Through the ongoing cycles of life, I do my best to take my lessons from the wisdom of nature. 


In summer when the Sun is high in the sky and days are long, much of the creative activity of life is external. In winter, however, the energies shift. The nights are long, the Sun is low in the sky, and much of the vitality of creation happens internally.


Life force hasn’t diminished, however! It’s just moved within, as is the vibrant life force shown in the seeds in this image. Although nothing is visible on the surface of the soil, the seeds are gestating and preparing to emerge when the time is right. For now the growth happens out of sight.


The same is true for us. New creation is growing within. The seeds we harvested during the previous seasons and cycles of life are now gestating internally. Practical next steps may not be clear, but we can feel the visions. We know the seeds are real. We can feel the eagerness, and the potency of new possibilities and new visions of potential. 

This is a time to allow space for the new seeds to develop. Nurture your visions with curiosity, love and patience. The potency of new life is palpable internally. You may feel it as curiosity, eagerness, inspiration and the desire for new beginnings.


In order to cultivate your own seeds of new creation remember to follow the wisdom of nature. Take ample time for quiet. Focus on your inner light and your connection to spirit. Allow your light to expand within and nurture you. 


Do your best to shift your awareness away from regrets, disappointment, and all form of worry and stress. The more you’re able to focus on positive qualities of appreciation in the present and eagerness for what is to come, the more you will experience well being in the moment, and increased momentum toward the future you desire.


These are complex times. Our world is rapidly changing. The more we are able to strengthen our connection to the light we hold within the more we are able to build momentum forward, and participate in the creation of our amazing new world. 



Upcoming Opportunities

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