New Moon Tarot: Love, Will & Personal Power

Happy New Moon!

This has been an amazing month. The past four weeks, fueled by the Solar Eclipse, have held countless lessons about the meaning of shadow and the power of the light we hold within. It’s time now to step forward and practice what we’ve learned.

The Virgo New Moon occurs on Tuesday, Sept. 19th at 10:30 pm PT.

With the Virgo New Moon we step into a new cycle of potential.

The Hermit in Tarot represents Virgo and the qualities of mastery available to you now, specifically through the new understandings of shadow and light you’ve received from your experiences and insights over the past month.

The Hermit is a depiction of wisdom teacher Thoth (with Ibis head). This represents YOU on your highest path of purpose, guided by your inner light to show the way.

The three-headed cerberus in the foreground, once the fierce guardian of the underworld, is now a playful companion on your journey. This shows how the shadow no longer holds fear for you but is a valuable tool and teacher.

I had SO much fun with this month’s New Moon tarot video and am eager to share the following message, both practical and full of big picture possibility.

Thank you for all of the ways you’re showing up for your life and for our world. Despite the challenges it’s a brilliant time to be alive!

Happy New Moon,


PS – Please consult Steven Shroyer’s New Moon astrology article for additional insights into the unique potentials available to you this month.

New Moon Tarot Sept. 19 – Oct. 19

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