New Moon Tarot: New Definitions of Success

Happy New Moon!

The Libra New Moon is giving all of us an opportunity to take a breath, connect within, and receive new inspiration and new experiences of what is possible in the world.

We need this re-boot! Life is full of change and much of it is super uncomfortable.

From a higher vantage point, all of these changes are part of necessary growth, the result of rapidly expanding consciousness and the dismantling of whatever is no longer in alignment with higher forms of order.

Each New Moon we receive new tools and new abilities to help us grow and navigate and contribute to the changes that are happening all around us. This New Moon represents a powerful shift, bringing forward the previous cycles of this year. It’s time now to integrate all that we’ve been learning in order to step into something new.

The Libra New Moon was Thursday, Oct. 19, at 12:12 PM PDT.

Adjustment is the New Moon tarot card for Libra.

This symbol holds powerful wisdom teachings that can help you learn how to participate fully in the world through the strength and power of your inner truth.

We are all working hard to show up every day to the new and unexpected, including uncertainty and confusion about the ways in which the world is changing.

This Lunar month is a time of integration. It’s time now to bring forward all of the new learning, new tools and abilities, and take action toward what inspires you.

What’s key this month is to act from inner guidance rather than external measures and definitions of accomplishment or success.

You can recognize action that’s aligned with inner guidance because it carries a high frequency that ranges from calm, to appreciation and gratitude, to humor, to happiness and joy. This inner experience can be felt and chosen even in the midst of external circumstances of pain and suffering. When you are connected to the thread of inner truth, your inner calm (or humor, or joy) sustains you and helps you navigate the challenges of change.

This connection to inner truth is the key to finding new definitions of “success.” When you act from alignment through the thread of happiness and what inspires you, you have a new perspective and new objectivity about what unfolds. You can release the expectations of old measures and feel, instead, curiosity toward the unexpected and dynamic processes of new creation.

If we’re truly creating new worlds, which we are, we can’t base our results in old ways of measuring success and failure. Sometimes success is super messy. Sometimes the results are not at all what we expected. Sometimes we even appear to have failed, yet in all cases, when we move inside we receive clear affirmation that all is well and we’re on the right track.

It’s time to trust within.

In the coming month you can access new awareness, new visions of potential, and new ideas of ways in which you can join with others to create something bigger and more brilliant than you’ve ever imagined before.

Have an amazing month. The world needs what you’re here to do.


P.S. On a personal note, this month’s New Moon tarot spread has been super affirming. The cards show the clear path forward. It was fun to bring this video to you today. For additional insight, here’s Steven Shroyer’s New Moon Astrology message.

New Moon Tarot: October 19 – November 19

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