New Moon Tarot Spread: Making the Unseen REAL

Happy New Moon!


As a child I loved lying on my back in the grass, observing the clouds in the sky.


I knew they were etheric, yet I was fascinated by the way they appeared to be solid and I loved imagining the worlds that existed above me on their surface.


This experience of the subtle etheric realms becoming tangible is related to our New Moon, and a very important part of our current evolution. As our consciousness expands into higher frequencies we can more and more directly experience the tangible reality of the world that exists beyond our five senses and the 3D material world.  In very concrete ways, the unseen is becoming real.

Taurus Theme: Expanded Perspective

The Hierophant is the tarot card for Taurus. This card expresses what it means to fully bring the light of your Spirit into physical form in the world.  


A Hierophant was a wisdom teacher in the ancient world. This represents your inner connection to your Spirit as your teacher, and the wisdom and truth you hold within.


Because Taurus is an earth sign, this quality of inner wisdom is directly tied to your ability to thrive in the physical world through your personal connection to Source energy and the light of your Spirit.  


As the Sun completes its journey through Taurus we are experiencing new tangible awareness of the light that is held within us, and in all of creation. Our expanded perceptions are bringing new choices, and new awareness of our abilities to create the life we desire.


The current astrology supports these expanded perceptions in very real ways.  (See link below for astrology article.)

New Moon Spread: May 19 - June 17

Our New Moon tarot spread is a spectacular affirmation of our expanding abilities, including the power to intentionally create from new perspectives of choice.

The Ace of Swords (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness, signifies new access to inspiration and intuitive realizations of possibility.

The key here is learning to bring your thoughts into your heart, represented by the green sword.

Your heart has access to all the wisdom of the universe, and holds the answer to every question. The power to create the life you desire begins from the inspiration found within your heart.  

The Four of Swords, Truce, (left) in the position of Body and Circumstance represents your ability to come into balance with all of the circumstances of your life.

Every physical manifestation (within or without) is an expression of creation. Truce reminds of the importance of using our power of choice to cultivate neutrality. Again, the green colors remind you to bring your thoughts into your heart in order to access higher frequencies of reality (the central lotus).

Accessing neutrality means that you are able to come back to inner balance, even in times of challenge. From here it’s a small step to appreciation and curiosity for what is possible.

The Six of Disks, Success (right) in the position of Spirit affirms your ability now to experience the tangible reality of your power to create. The astrology of this card is Moon in Taurus, and it represents your ability to fully trust the inspiration of your inner knowing  


This is true success. We have been taught to measure success by outward measurements, and what has already been created. In reality, success is an internal experience of knowing, with joy for the adventure and blessing of what has not yet come to form.


Again, this is the experience of success BEFORE physical form has actually manifested. Making the unseen REAL. You are encouraged here to continually strengthen your connection to your Spirit and the subtle realms of awareness. This is where creation happens.


The Knight of Swords (top, center) is in the position of What is Being Integrated. This card represents your expanded perspective and new realms of choice.


This ability comes from the ability of your strong heart (green armor) to raise your frequency into higher realms of awareness (flight).   As an important synchronicity, this is the court card for Gemini, representing the current abilities we are developing.


The Prince of Disks (horizontal) in the position of Something Else to Consider affirms new integration of body and spirit. This is the court card for Taurus, representing your ability to thrive in your body as you leave limitation behind and move forward in life. This includes transcending old habits of worry and fear.

Nurturing the Light Within

There is no denying that we live in challenging times. There is also no denying that we are the ones who hold the power of creation. The Hierophant reminds us that the secret to navigating all of the changes we encounter lies within.
We are just beginning to realize the full truth of our power to create.  We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for solutions to our problems, as well as validation for our path of purpose.
The more we expand into the new Aquarian frequencies of consciousness, the more we experience inner strength. The more we are able to connect within, the more we access the power and inspiration of our own guidance systems.  This power is available now, and in every potent moment.
Nature is alive and the wisdom of life is here for you.  This is a time to celebrate the beauty and power of the natural world.
As much as possible, set the intention to move to neutrality when challenged. Cultivate appreciation from your heart and hold curiosity for what you haven’t yet discovered.  
We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for.
Much Love,


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